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Chapter III Concludes Legio II's Battle on Sardonia


When?: Late Roman Republic Era Date Uncertain
Location: Sardonia Island
Situation: King Sardonicus III Contests Legio II
Miniatures: Using What I Have
Rules: Adapted from Batailles de l'Ancien Régime
Solo Game In An Imagineered Ancient World

See Chapter II

Wherein King Sardonicus III began the battle at his southern shore to hurl Republican Roman invaders back into The Middle Sea. Pompeous Augustus Pettygree and Legio II were handled roughly. Sardonian "Mighty Men" believe victory is in sight. 

Let us now return to the cavalry battle on....


The Roman Far Right Flank

Where Marcellenius Alexander Pettygree, son of the commander of Legio II, took command of the Light Numidian Cavalry and Medium Roman Cavalry to break through heavier Sardonian horsemen. The melee had been indecisive with equal losses per side. It raged on.

"Draw your sword and fight! What kind of insult do you cast without a weapon? Are you a Mighty Man or a wretched Sorcerer?"

"Now  I know. You are a coward. My Numidians! They have turned to follow their fleeing leader. After them for honor and spoils. To the enemy baggage train!"  

Sound the pursuit!"

"Follow me!"

"Ah. I see King Sardonicus III atop an elephant. He will make a fine spectacle in our victory procession upon returning to Rome."

"Sire, I beg to bring unwelcome news. Our cavalry force has been beaten and has fled."

"Preposterous. Surely you exaggerate."

"He does not lie Your Excellency. Look into the dust on our left. The Romans are coming for you --- I mean, us."

"I see the cloud and horsemen. --- Do something Craxus!"

"There are two counsels my King. The first is post your Household Swordsmen between the Romans and thee awaiting the outcome of the infantry battle in the Center. If that engagement goes well as I said it would, enemy horsemen will achieve nothing galloping here and there wearing out their horses."

"And the second, Craxus?"

"Immediately send messengers to the Romans declaring the battle is ended and proclaim absolute unwavering obedience to Rome again."

"Never! My guards will stand and obey me."

"As you wish, Sire."

Charging Sardonian Green Sashed Swordsmen (image top) were indeed winning the day pushing the Legionaires back. Pompeous Augustus Pettygree rode forward taking personal command.

"Romans! Stand your ground. Whom do you think these impertinent Barbarians are? --- Reserve Cohorts advance along our sides and attack the enemy flanks."

They did as ordered.

"It goes well General. The Barbarians are quivering."

"Bring up the Catafractarii to discourage the foe more."

"They are already here, My Lord, awaiting your pleasure."

"Good. Now let's see what will happen to the Barbarian infantry."

Sardonian Green Sashes suffered huge losses and are.... 

Pushed back and then break.

Running back to their astonished King.

Meanwhile, the five Cohorts on the far Left Flank no longer protected by their Javelin Screen, became weary of enemy Archers to their front and.... 

Charged. The Archers fled (not shown) without loosing another arrow. Sardonia's monarch (upper left) was initially unaware of this new developing disaster. His Orange Sash Swordsmen were though.


The battle then paused taking a breath before resuming. The distant Sardonian Army contracted itself into the shape of the Roman Numeral L. Craxus knows they are finished. Now so does Sardonicus III. Messengers were sent to the Roman Commander in Chief requesting a parlay.

"Greetings my Lord Pompeous Alexander Pettygree, Supreme Commander the Roman Republic's vaunted Second Legion. I am Craxus Maximus, Chief Minister of Sardonicus III. The King and I congratulate you about your honorable victory. Behold, Sire, I am before you to request terms."

"I am honored to consider your surrender and plea." 

"First, let it be known that the Third Legion arrives within days. Further resistance by your Army would be unwise."

"Second, before the mid-day Sun, your forces will discard every weapon and shield where they stand."

"Third, bonfires will be lit in front of my Legion at sunset. Your Army will parade in front of it."

"Fourth, on the morrow your forces will disperse taking such sustenance as necessary to return to the capital."

"Fifth, King Sardonicus III will remain in my camp enjoying our courtesies until you return from the capital with triple the tribute not paid to Rome this annum. You have ten days to return."

"What is your response Minister Craxus?"  
"Your generosity General, will be remembered for all time. We accept your terms."



1. Roman Tallies
60-25 Light Infantry* = 35
60-4 Hastati = 56
60-18 Principes = 42
24-2 Triarii = 22
30-14 Numidian Cavalry = 16
16-2 Medium Cavalry* = 14
4-0 Medium Cavalry* = 4
12-0 Very Heavy Cavalry = 12
8-0 Siege Crewmen* = 8
9-0 Leaders = 9
283 Miniatures At Start
-65 Lost (-23%)
218 Miniatures At Finish

2. Sardonian Tallies
72-20 Archers = 52
72-0 Red Sash Swordsmen = 72
72-0 Orange Sash Swordsmen = 72
72-45 Green Sash Swordsmen = 27
24-0 Household Guards = 24
11-0 Household Misc. = 11
10-10 Light Cavalry = 0
24-24 Medium Cavalry = 0
11-1 Leaders = 10
368 Miniatures At Start
-100 Lost (-27%)
268 Miniatures At Finish

3. Craxus Commentaries
Our Right Flank forces were to move swiftly forward and engage Legio II. However,

After Marcellenius Alexander Pettygree swept our horsemen from the field on the opposite flank and headed for our rear, we were taken out of our battle plan. It required the Red Sash Swordsmen that were posted near there (not even mentioned above) to retire to cover us. Half our archers and the Household Guard of the King were also called to help.

The Orange Sash Swordsmen adjacent to the mutilated Green Sash Swordsmen were supposed to attack with the latter and push the Romans back to the coast. However, they paused as our leaders contemplated what enemy cavalry might do in their jubilations.

Our sole happiness came from our archers single-handedly ruining the enemy Light Infantry Screen. 

4. Raison d' Être
(a) Action for my mostly new Republican Romans.*
(b) Had to conscript close enough foes outside Antiquity.
(c) Get in a solo game. Real opponents preferred.
(d) Test the rules and fine tune them for next times.
(e) Casualty rings used to accelerate play.**

*   Some were very old pards: 1970s Mini-Figs.

**Table needs clearing for 1942 Burma tomorrow!

5. Your interest and remarks are appreciated very much. Thank you for looking in.



  1. Great fun. Thank you for sharing these reports.
    Best wishes,


  2. A couple of comments:

    1) Ancient battles were often all or nothing affairs in which few prisoners were taken and those who survived would have become slaves. In a rout the enemy would be put to the sword.

    2) the enemy General might have been executed outright and the king would have been taken back to Rome for the victory parade.

    3) a parlay in the midst of a battle would be unlikely. How are you going to get your troops to disengage? On the other hand, there are examples in history where the two sides pulled back a bit to catch their breath cuz hand to hand fighting is a brutal and tiring affair.

    4) do you allow maniples to pass through the line in front to take the place of the retiring maniples?

    All in all, an entertaining three part report


    Marcus Purconius

  3. Hello Antiquity and/or Story Aficionados!
    II Legio et al, is on the Back Table waiting for a next game in 2-3 weeks.

    King Sardonicus III awaits the return of Chief Minister Craxus with triple the tribute due to the rebellion.

    General Pompeous Augustus now known as Pettygree the Merciful awaits Craxus as he entertains King Sardonicus under house arrest. The latter's entire Army is now back in the capital without weapons or armour --- in their storage boxes.
    The Army of Sardonicus would have been crushed but Legio II would have been decimated in a Pyrrhic Victory. Legion Commanders did not last long when money or confidence evaporated in their supreme commander.

    The Sardonians lost all their weapons and if Craxus does bring triple the tribute to the Roman Camp, Pettygree plans to share this in voluminous amounts to his men.
    There may be other rebellious nations in The Middle Sea desirous to have a stab at The Republic. Several of the local pards have Ancients. Carthaginians, Gauls, Greeks, Palmyrans and there are two other Legions whose commanders might be loyal or cause a Civil War.
    On TMP Korvessa wondered if my stories are scripted. No. Dice determine everything. Story lines are imagineered based on same and photos taken during the game. Somehow the story naturally develops from same.
    I am grateful for all your remarks, interest and thoughtfulness to write about the three chapter story. Thank you!
    Bill P.
    Chronicler for The Adventures of General Pettygree


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