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Greetings Everyone,

The link immediately below offers my brief remarks about the Easter Season plus a short reading list I hope you will consider especially the last entry by Christine Watkins. Blessings to all of you and yours.


"Tis a fine thing on paper" (paraphrased) was spoken by The Duke of Newcastle to Prinz Rupert prior to the 1644 English Civil War Royalist defeat at Marston Moor. The battle plan and order of battle looked promising but the King's men lost. Things didn't work out as happens to all of us. I speak the Duke of Newcastle remark sometimes to remind myself of Heaven's unexpected plans rather than my own.

Below are my hobby plans; fine things on electronic paper.

"Hey Dad, are you sure your readers will be interested?"
"Unsure my dear Rocket."
"Okay, wake me up after you find out."


Wielding brushes in 2021 is barely happening. Getting one item done which does not need much of anything else to go with it is working best. So...

Here is Warlord's WWII Kriegsmarine 1/300 scale Minesweeper. See the mines perched on the aft deck?  It in company with a small destroyer and two merchant ships in the background will be fending off USA dive bombers and torpedo planes someplace near 1943 Norway. Did you know USA aircraft carrier Ranger flew air ops. vs German installations there that year? I didn't until six months ago.

In keeping with the Norway theme, two GHQ 1/2400 scale ships were added to my "Naval Thunder" squadrons. In the foreground is Heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen to starboard of....

Battleship Tirpitz. Both are well-designed models. The plan is to have them sortie out to engage Ranger protected by Royal Navy ships. 

We are slowly opening up our homes to small numbers of players in short duration games compared to lots of pards and units on big tables of more than one year ago. "Those were the days my friend. I thought they'd never end." Reduced contact is the key for now. 

I've played more solo games in the past twelve months than in five decades. Solo games previously were difficult to enjoy and find satisfying. Face to face games have always been prime for me, you see. However, there is some exercise health benefit going back and forth from one table side to the other. Truly.

You contented chaps who find painting and collecting so very satisfying are lucky I suppose. Good for you and I mean it. However,  I'll drop  brushes to game anytime and only really paint to prepare for games. My thing mostly is to plan games, design rules and write General Pettygree Battlestories.

Recently I began pondering a "Nostalgia Game." My 25mm English Civil War forces have been mostly marooned in storage boxes since the early 1980s. Back then they were on the table a lot utilizing the first rules I published, Wargamer's Guide To The English Civil War. The 1977 second edition is still selling. See Anyhow, thoughts are percolating to march the Royalists and Parliamentarians back onto the tabletop and convince my oldest pards and newer ones as well to move units and throw dice in the interesting Pike and Shot era again. It is time to avenge Marston Moor.

Otherwise we have an unusual game planned for May involving 28mm Soviets versus Japanese someplace in an imagineered Mongolia. It will be a combined arms tactical situation using the clunkiest tanks ever and that's a good thing. I like that. Wide open spaces too. If only I had some cavalry, my most favorite branch to command. --- Should I tell players that Genghis Khan's lost tomb might be there?

Did you see General Pettygree's newest Battlestory, Tunisgrad? Here is Chapter 1:

"Hey Red!"
"What's on yer mind Mac?"
"When will Bill and General Pettygree post Tunisgrad's Chapter 2? We're in it ya know."
"Ah, I heard late April or early May. --- Want a cigarette?"


Click on images to make them larger. What do you think? 

USN Torpedo Bombers off Ranger heading for a stormy Norwegian coast.

Diving to drop torpedoes and spotted by two Me-109s.

Dauntless Divebombers and Wildcat fighters in the same operation.

What is going on?

Homage to The Battle of Midway.
"That Japanese can is racing back to her fleet. Let's follow."

Was ist das?

"Winston, how do you think things went for Dad?"
"We'll have to wait and find out at Comments below."

Thank you Everyone for looking in.
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Jesus, The Reason For The Season and Always

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Jakubowo-Kilastitzy July 30-31, 1812


Adaptation: Battle of Jakubowo-Kilastitzy, Russia

Rules Test of General d'Armee

Date: 22 August 2020 (July 30-31, 1812)



Russian Advance Guard Encampment at Kilastitzy

Russian Jagers moving onto the battlefield

Uhlan screen at the forward edge of the Russian Deployment Zone
Hedges (left) mark the rearmost deployment line.
Line of bushes (right) mark the most forward deployment edge.

Rear of Russian Right Flank

Rear of Russian Left Flank

Lithuanian Uhlans (not in the game)

French Left Flank 
Deploy between hedges and the forward line of bushes and structure.

French Center
Deploy between the hedges and line of forward small bushes. 
The Russian Uhlan screen is in the distance.

French Right Flank
Deploy between hedges and the forward line of small bushes.
The Russian Uhlan screen is in the distance.


(1) French: Greg B. and Bob B.    Russian: Matt L with Bill P.

(2) Village is not in play. It is there for atmosphere and to show the Russian LOC.

(3) Use 28mm movement rates and weapon ranges.

(4) Suggestion: Turn 1 double move.

(5) Suggestion: Use pp 95-96 Corps Commander rules to maybe increase the number of ADCs.

(6) Battlefield: 6'x8'. Deployment Zones 6'x2'.

(7) All units classified as "Line" to simplify things.

(8) Elevations are at a 1:1 ratio of height to miniatures. No fancy calculations needed. Use a laser pointer if needed. Undulations exist providing some cover; "hull down" in WWII parlance.

(9) To help with rules implementation we are sharing the following duties:
  • Bill P. Officers/Activation/Initiative.
  • Greg B. Weapons Fire
  • Matt L. Melee

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Monday, July 13, 2020

Learning General d'Armee Napoleonic Rules 1

Several weeks ago my 15mm Russian Napoleonic Army broke out of storage boxes demanding some exercise. Two nearby friends, Greg B. and Matt L. also have 15mm Napoleonics. We decided to field our forces on the tabletop perhaps next month. Reasons: Move units, throw dice and socialize.

Conversation led to acquisition of David Brown's General D'Armee rules and tokens. See the shop at Too Fat Lardies but go to Reisswitz Press there.

The following is my hands on solo attempt to learn using a tactical situation. Surely something will be muddled as is routine when learning, but here we go anyway. The Russians want to force a crossing of the stream.

Russian Right Flank and Center from Right to Left

12th Division
3rd. Jager Brig.: 2xBns. skirmishing supported by 2x columns.
22nd Arty. Battery: 3xCannons. Historically these were light cannons; 6-9 pdrs, in the rules.
1st. Inf. Brigade: 4xBns. with screen.
2nd. Inf. Brigade: 4xBns with screen. (See next photo)

CinC in lower left with seven potential ADCs at the rate of one per brigade/battery. This photo might provide four ADCs while the next photo could add three more --- maybe.

Russian Left Flank and Center from Right to Left

2nd. Inf. Brigade: 4xBns with screen. (Appeared in previous photo)
Converged Grenadier Brigade: 3xBns.
Lancers (Basing needs adjustment)

Seven brigades/batteries allow seven D6 throws.
Results of 3-6  activate ADCs. 1-2 = unavailable.
Six ADCs activated. More mounted ADCs are needed.

2xADCs reported to the 3rd Jager Brigade with a Forwards Order to obtain additional movement. Two are needed for this order.  The enemy has a large skirmish screen ahead needing pushing back.

Two more ADCs brought an Artillery Assault order to stimulate rapid fire. Two ADCs were needed for this. The battery has been ordered to assist the Jagers off image to the right. 

To the left of the battery is the 1st. Infantry Brigade.
One ADC arrives to stimulate the Brigadier if he hesitates. 
The Brigadier will move on a 1D6 = 3-6.
Should a 1-2 result, the ADC is allowed a do over throw.

Same thing for the brigade left of the previous image.

----------          ----------          ----------          ----------
Question 1: Bill, what about your other brigades? You have no more ADCs.
Answer: Each Brigadier can move on a 1D6 = 3-6; no rethrow without an ADC.

Question 2: What's next?
Answer: D6 throws to activate brigades. But we need to see what the foe is doing next.
----------          ----------          ----------          ----------

The foe is posted mostly beyond the stream on a ridge. A bold skirmish line holds a reverse slope forward of the stream.

Five ADCs are possible; four from formations on the ridge and one for the screen.

Mission: Hold the river line as long as possible.

The CinC threw five ADC dice.
Only two ADCs were activated/made available.

Worried that the exposed screen might need extra help, two ADCs arrived to help.

The Skirmishers order will enhance firepower; vitally needed.

The ADC order (used incorrectly?) allows a redo of a failed first activation to move.

----------          ----------          ----------          ----------
Question 3: Umm. Who are those blue and red coated guys the Russians are opposing?
Answer: I do not have Napoleonics to oppose the Russians but do have American Revolutionary War units to operate as a linear trained army.

Question 4: What's next?
Answer: Initiative 2xD6 throws determining which side moves and later fires first.
----------          ----------          ----------          ----------

Each side throws 2xD6 reducing the total score by the number of Hesitant Brigades.

Red/Blue Army threw a 10 reduced to 8 because two Brigadiers hesitated throwing 1D6 = 1-2.

The Russian score started at 6, reduced to 5 because the Battery hesitated.

Hesitating usually means no movement though reactions are permitted.

----------          ----------          ----------          ----------
Question 5: The Hessian/British. won initiative and?
Answer: Yes and they chose to not move.

Question 6: Do the Russians get to move soon?
Answer: Yes. See next photos showing them moving forward.
----------          ----------          ----------          ----------

The Jagers activated. (1D6 = 3-6 needed. A 3 was thrown.) It looks like the Brigadier intends to throw back the foe's screen.

 The artillery "Hesitates" (1D6 = 1-2); may not fire at long range.

 These brigades activated (1D6 = 3-6) and move forward.

 Ditto for the Converged Grenadiers and Cuirassiers. 

The Lancers activated moving forward protecting the Left Flank.

----------          ----------          ----------          ----------
Question 7; When do units fire?
Answer: After each side moves. The side which won the Turn initiative earlier fires first.
----------          ----------          ----------          ----------

Allied Right Flank
The Hessians and British 6 pounder artillery hesitated in the beginning of the turn. Cannons may fire at shorter than long range but no target is available. So nothing happening here.

Allied Left Flank
The infantry could shoot if something was in range. Nothing is.

The artillery will fire selecting an enemy column not shown.

Left Cannon
Scores 2D6 = 10 (not shown) inflicting 3 hits and a Discipline Test.

Right Cannon
Scores 2D6 = 8 (not shown) inflicting 2 hits.

The Russian column suffered 5 hits. 
The Discipline Test: 2D6 =11-1 for hits = 10.
Carry on with a modified score of 7 or higher.
No casualties are removed but are tracked.

----------          ----------          ----------          ----------
Question 8; Did you do this correctly, Bill?
Answer: Unsure. Should I have thrown 2D6 per cannon model or the whole battery?
----------          ----------          ----------          ----------

The British screen did not hesitate at the beginning of the turn and therefore may fire. 

Skirmisher fire was not lethal. The Russians suffered 1 hit while the British suffered 2. Only when a group suffers 4 cumulative hits are there firing penalties.

----------          ----------          ----------          ----------

(1) One turn was played using the Quick Reference Charts with consultation back to the booklet.

(2) Should each cannon model fire separately or is there a mechanism for a section/battery. I fired by cannon model.

(3) 28mm movement rates and firing distances are being used to no ill effect. Typically I increase movement rates for 15mms anyway because I am blessed with table space to do so and I prefer sweeping movements.

(4) This tactical study is a learning tool for Greg, Matt, myself and others interested regionally. Playing out the system is much better than just reading about it. Videos are very helpful too.

(5) I also play the Napoleonic version of my Batailles de l'Ancien Regime rules using 28mms in The Peninsular and a clever set named Tin Eagles using flats owned by Kurt D, Lewis S., Joe G. and Mike F. Hopefully I can also take my Russians on the road and play Empire with pards in The Fox Valley one of these days.

(6) Are you familiar with the General d'Armee rules? If so, kindly correct things I missed. Comments from one and all are also welcome.
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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Mind Vitamins #2 and We'll Meet Again!


"I believe that the pursuit of truth and right ideas through honest debate and rigorous argument is a noble undertaking. " Charles Krauthammer

"Quid est veritas? ("What is truth.") Pontius Pilate, John 18:38
What Pilate's motivation was to ask Jesus this question on Good Friday is debatable. I'm taking him literally because it is a vital question for our time. I want to know the truth about everything.  

"I want to know."
Dr. Irina Spalko, Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

"Lying makes a problem part of the future; truth makes a problem part of the past."   Michael McLean
Consider that The Ten Commandments tell us to not lie. For myself a lie also violates another commandment to not steal. Steal what? Time, energy, good will, trust and progress. William B. Protz, Jr.

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance...."
Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn." Benjamin Franklin

"Advice is seldom welcome; and those who [need] it the most like it the least. Lord Chesterfield

**********          **********          **********

"You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word. It is victory. Victory at all costs - Victory in spite of all terrors. - Victory, however long and hard the road may be, for without victory there is no survival." Winston Churchill  --- May 13, 1940

"Winners take responsibility. Losers blame others." Brit Hume

"I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you...we are in charge of our attitudes." Charles Swindoll

"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. For myself, I am an optimist. It does not seem to be much use being anything else. Winston Churchill

"Before you say a word about another, ask yourself three questions.
Is it true?     Is it kind?     Is it necessary?   Anonymous

"Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it's stored than to anything on which it is poured." Mark Twain

"Brace Up!" General Pettygree


"My humans, Dorothy and Bill are home all the time now. I am so very tired. No naps anymore!" Rocket

My Dear Readers, 
We are all in very tough times. BUT, please listen to the Vera Lynn WWII song, We'll Meet Again" linked below before going elsewhere. It also has some WWII images I've never seen. --- Here it is:

We'll meet again, God willing.  Respectfully yours, Bill

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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Completion of Bonnie Prince Charlie's Battle Near Loch Lochy

Completion of The Battle of Loch Lochy
Date: 7 March 1745/2020
Location: Near Loch Lochy
Situation: Rallying The Clans for Bonnie Prince Charlie
Reason: We've not had a Jacobite encounter in a long time
Rules Batailles de l'Ancien Régime 1740-1763; BAR
See the previous two posts for earlier events.


Back Table
Cumberland's redeployed and somewhat reduced Army from the morning battle atop the low rise formerly held by Jacobite forces. Six battalions and two six pounders are about to march forward (to the right) to resume the battle. Off the bottom of the photo are two dragoon squadrons and another battalion.

Main Table: Jacobite Right Flank
Battalion de Albanie and a Highland Battalion also reduced numerically. 

Main Table: Jacobite Center
French Converged Battalion of Piquets still numerically strong. 

Main Table: Jacobite Extreme Left Flank
Highland musket and bow armed skirmishers defend a croft.
The croft was constructed by HG Walls for Jim P. (Der Alte Fritz).

Cumberland's Plan of Attack
The map shows a Main and two Back Tables.

British Right Flank: Between the Stone Enclosure and Croft 
The croft is off image to the right which is why the battalion has refused its right-most Grand Division. Throughout the day Highland skirmishers, particularly the archers there, plagued the redcoats continuing their deadly morning routine picking off a chap almost every turn. 

But to the left....

British Inside Right Flank
French Piquets defended a strong stone enclosure.

As a redcoat battalion came forward. 

Volleys and a charge carried the enclosure whilst newly arriving Jacobites
farther back formed behind a great log breastwork.

The piquets fell back soon departing for the log breastwork.
To the left...

Battalion de Albanie and Highlanders defend a hedged enclosure.

Pressure forced them back.

Battalion de Albanie's mounted Colonel urges his kilted grenadiers
to keep firing upon the advancing 60th Foot.

Bonnie Prince Charlie's plan was to slow the British buying time for the rest of his Army to arrive.  He hoped the battle would be decided at the log emplacements behind him. Would enough Jacobite Highlanders arrive in time? He had reason for concern. Cumberland had just breached his second line of defense. --- Except for the croft.


British Extreme Right Flank
Near the croft Highland Light Horse engaged a squadron of dragoons fighting it to a draw. This was such a shock that the Brigadier committed his other squadron in the next round.

The startled dragoons won the next round with overwhelming numbers.
Result: No enemy cavalry left. The closest troop faces that pesky croft.
All are disorganized too late to intervene to help Cumberland elsewhere. 

To their left....

The Fusiliers marched almost across The Main Table where they were met by a charging Jacobite  Force. (See the map) Although the Scotsmen were beaten, the Fusiliers became disordered and were spent. Indeed more Jacobites soon arrived....

Forcing the Fusiliers to retreat disordered.
Then the ultimate humiliation occurred.

Jacobite archers from the croft landed arrows into the Fusiliers again.
The battalion dropped under 50% strength, failed a morale test and routed never to recover.


Jacobite Right Flank
Opposed by the weakened 60th and full strength 44th Foot.

These Redcoats stopped due to troubles elsewhere.
Cumberland knew they might be needed to cover a retreat.

Jacobite Inside Right Flank
Two French Four Pounders and a Highland Clan....

 Did not....

Stop these Redcoats. This was Cumberland's High Water Mark.

Jacobite Right Center

Jacobite Left Center
Government attacks (not shown) failed to breach the wall.

Sensing victory Bonnie Prince Charlie ordered his forces to move.... 

Against the foe....

 Pursuing them to defeat.


Turn 1 commenced near 10:45 am, we broke for lunch at 12:30 pm and concluded the game around 3:00 pm. BAR plays fast and we had the pleasure to introduce two newcomers to the rules too.

Government: 405 Infantry, 24 Horse and 2x Six pounders
Jacobites: 322 Infantry gradually arriving, 12 Horse and 3x Four pounders

We use what we have.

We had fun utilizing three tables and three lines of defense. British officers were confident until mid-afternoon. Jacobite officers were sure of defeat until then. Well played by everyone.

 Including Loch Lochy's....

Comments welcome.
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