Thursday, February 2, 2023

Setting Up A Gentleman's War Battle Story By General Pettygree

Date: Summer 1918 +/- (Maybe? It Doesn't Matter)
Location: Sea of Japan, North of Vladivostok, Siberia
At the Imagineered Port of Vilyamgrad
Miniatures: We Use What We Have
Rules: A Gentleman's War by Howard Whitehouse
Circumstances: General Pettygree Explains Next

----------          ----------          ----------

"General Pettygree, I hear a locomotive coming. It will be along soon, I should think."

"Quite so Lieutenant Grandmaison. An amazing distance too along the Trans Siberian Railroad. It carries a senior member of the Czar's family escaped from being interned by the Red Communists at Ekaterinburg far to the west."

"Do we know the identity, Sir?"

"No, but we should discover his or her name soon enough. Upon that royalist's shoulders rests the unlikely hope of restoring the Romanov Monarchy."

"But Sir, forces gathering in nearby Vilyamgrad are insufficient to do that."

"True. However, perhaps there is an historical precedent. In February, 1815 Napoleon escaped exile from the Island of Elba, landed in southern France and then marched north to start over. As his little band processed, Marshall Ney at first opposed him."

"I see General. Napoleon then convinced Ney to join him again as did many others on the march to Paris. Amazingly a new Grand Army formed in the next four months."

"It is my understanding Romanov gold bullion stashed in the Port of Vilyamgrad instead of being sent to Canada will be used to pay new soldiers, volunteers and unexpected allies as the army here moves west toward Moscow," said Grandmaison.

"You have the right of it, my boy."

"Oh. There's Bill, my Chronicler for The Adventures of General Pettygree. Bill, what remarks do you have?"

"Thank you General. Up to five local friends are joining me on 4 February 2023 at Vilyamgrad playing A Gentleman's War. Kurt D. and I have played the system four times since last Summer enjoying Howard's style, clever in a good way systems and fun. That's why I'm wearing my Behind The Fun hat to emphasize fun. I'm encouraging others to wear garments they may have in that spirit. Plus, I think one pard may bring cherry vodka and borscht to increase merriment."

"The Lionel train set behind me was restored recently to operational status. The remote control device on the table allows walk around control with several features. So instead of my grandchildren operating it, we will do so. I'll write more about this later. Meanwhile, General would you please resume your narrative? I see things in motion in Vilyamgrad.
What do you see."

"White Russian Infantry with a version of the American Gatling Gun."

"The Trans Siberian Railroad. Vladivostok is far in the distance to the south."

"Czarina Princess Hussars."

"The baggage coach is believed to contain Romanov gold bullion."

"Unexpected allies sent by the Japanese Emperor who fears communism and in exchange for military assistance will ask for land and gold."

"Supplies for the march west."

"Imperial Japanese cavalry move west to form a screen protecting the march westward. They will join...."

"White Russian mounted infantry already posted west of the port."

"Do you see anything Sergai?"

"Nyet. (No) --- The Reds aren't coming. They are hundreds of miles from here."

"We know better Grandmaison. The Reds will arrive soon."

"And confusion to them, Sir!"

----------          ----------          ----------


  1. Terrific Bill, looking forward to seeing what happens next…
    Alan Tradgardland

  2. This looks most intriguing. Naturally I like the shot of the hussars best

  3. Super ! Nice to see trains in games :)

  4. This looks like a fun battle game is shaping up. Nicely done, sir!

  5. Love this period,so much that one can game,Awesome the Sailors in helmets.


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