Sunday, October 17, 2021

Chapter I: Legio II's Battle on Sardonia


When?: Late Roman Republic Era Date Uncertain
Location: Sardonia Island
Situation: King Sardonicus III Contests Legio II
Miniatures: Using What I Have
Rules: Adapted from Batailles de l'Ancien Régime 
Solo Game In An Imagineered Ancient World


My two-year old Republican Roman Legion and Allies have barely been in action. Getting them onto the table has been percolating for a while. Historical opponents seem unavailable for now and somebody must oppose them. Hence, my 1890s Northwest Frontier sword and spearmen allied with archers from the 18th Century Indian Sub-Continent hope to back the Romans into the sea. They look the part if you don't look closely. It's Old School, you see.


"Behold King Sardonicus III, ruler of the Middle Sea and all islands therein to the maritime lands of sunrise and sunset." 

"The Host is assembled awaiting your order to throw the Romans back into the sea."

"Yes Minister, start the men forward. May the foe never return for tribute. Crush them."

Main Body of Legio II.

Pompeous Augustus Pettygree.

"Father, the Sardonians are quivering. They advance."

"Engage with our screen and I will bring the Legion."

Screen of Legio II.

Marcellenius Alexander Pettygree gallops to the fight bellowing to the Light cavalry, ....

"Follow me to stop the Sardonians threatening our Right Flank. We will repel them! Then ride to their baggage to capture Sardonicus."

While King Sardonicus III and Chief Minister Craxus Maximus turn to observe initial movements.

"Magnificence, Your Majesty!"

Opposing screens close.

368 (3,680) Sardonians 
283 (2,830) Romans and Allies + two Siege Engines



  1. Those Pettygrees go back a long way! Great report. Perhaps the shades of these illustrious ancestors can help the General on Crete!

  2. Great looking battle Bill. I like the way you used the collections together. How did the rules work out for you?

  3. Good use of your Indian forces.That's alot of figures.Missed you at the Con ,be there next year ,we miss you.

  4. Hi Bill,
    Great to see the game You're showing us how to pass time in the gramd old style!
    I have some brave lads that would take up the challenge. Would be a mass-up of Punic War forces. To future times!

  5. How did your rules play out. I have lots of Late Romans and Gaulic- Germanic barbarians that are singly mounted on magnetic bases

  6. Lovely as always, Council Pettergus Maximus

  7. Apparently I'm still working on post-surgery brain fog. When I first read your post I thought it said 'Lego' instead of Legio. Time for another nap. :-)

  8. Brings back memories of when Ancients were fun.


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