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BAR: Batailles de l'Ancien Régime 1740-1763 and More!

This second post provides more insights about BAR. For fun and brevity several miniatures from my collections will speak for me. You have questions. They have answers.

For Part 1 see:

We resume now with our celebrated scouts, Troopers Ham and Corey, 10th Hussars, on leave from The Campaigns of General Pettygree [Colonial] Blog escorting BAR inquirers to dine at The Wild Goose Inn.

Trooper Ham: "The Wild Goose ain't far now Sirs."

Trooper Corey: "Aye. They have tolderable food. The ale and claret are better than most."

Trooper Ham in a low voice. "That's tolerable mate."

Meanwhile, Four Patrons Waiting For Ham, Corey and Company At The Wild Goose Discuss Questions From The Previous Post

Captain Alan (left): "Bill and Der Alte Fritz (Jim P.) are experimenting with BAR for 1808-1814 Iberia."

Brigadier Gruber (right): "Oui but why is it not available for more Bonapartists and foes alike?"

Captain Alan: "It's future is uncertain mon cher General. No one knows."

le Comte de Kinch (left): "Does BAR offer scenarios?"

Marshall Broglie: "Bill thought it best to allow users to design their own. Published scenarios should be tested multiple times. Rarely were his played more than once. Fortunately there are ample scenarios in Battlegames magazine and publications by Charles Grant and Brigadier (ret.) Charles S. Grant, the son."

Trooper Ham: "Here we are yer honours."

Trooper Corey: "Look my brave cavalier! A lovely barmaid has brought out some tankards of ale!"

Trooper Ham: "The Wild Goose Inn. Let's Go Inside Shall We?"

Trooper Corey: "Do ye remember that native bloke with all them dice at The Battle of Dongolo?"

Private Adams (Heliograph Section): "I do."

Private Adams: "There he was trying to select the best pair of D6s he could find for his great cannon to fire at us. Bill gave 'im quite a selection. A good thing BAR only uses D6s. High numbers are always good. Low numbers are always poor. Fewer discombobulations that way. It's good Old School to boot."

Private Adams: "Speaking of natives, the American 'Red Indian' is calling for you outside."

Redstick: "I've only played DRUMS of War Along The Mohawk. We do not fight shoulder to shoulder."

Trooper Corey: "That's no problem friend. Did ye not see the 5th Foot march by a bit ago?"

Trooper Ham: "The Light Company preceded their close order brothers Indian style, as you might say. We call it in open order. BAR users can organize the way they want to."

"Everyone in the 5th Foot is based individually on metal fender washers. Most stay on underlying magnetic movement trays but they don't have to. Basing individually is an advantage because our units can be used in most any rules system. Pick the numbers you want and Bob's your Uncle."

Redstick: "I don't have an Uncle Bob."

Meanwhile Off To The Right!

Colonel Enigma: "WHO ASKED THAT?"

Lady Diana Pettygree (blue): "Somebody asked THAT question again. Did you hear?"

Lady Cherish Masquerade (pink): "Yes. Colonel Enigma will be cross and intemperate!"

Colonel Enigma: "Was it YOU?"

"Who me? No, certainly not!"

John (left) "I didn't ask. You?"

Andrew: "Are you jesting? Never in life."

Colonel Enigma: "It was --- YOOOU --- wasn't it?"

M. de Rouge: "Jumping butterballs NO!  It was the new fellow over there? I'll be going now, if you please."

Colonel Enigma: "Sooooo?"

French Captain: "I'm new in the collection. Have mercy Monsieur le Colonel!"

French Captain: "I thought BAR was only for big battalions three ranks deep. Sixty hommes or more! See the images at the very top of this blog. Masses and masses of 1:10 Gallian infantry and...."

Colonel Enigma: "Not always. Von Hardenburg here at 1:20 is only 32 strong in two ranks and based in multiples. When the grenadiers are taken away to be converged there will only be 28."

Colonel Enigma: "You may not know but Romanov Colonel Villainovich and Countess Alexandra took this smaller body to find the lost ancient City of Alexandrapour. They fought with BAR Colonial rules."

French Captain: "Even these petite hommes?"

Colonel Enigma: "Oui. Even these fine 15mm petite soldiers."

Time To Go

Trooper Corey: "That was very jolly."

Trooper Ham: "Enigma makes life interesting - confusing - mysterious. All's well that ends well I daresay."

Trooper Corey: "All right then Sirs, let's 'ead over to the drill field."

Trooper Ham: "We'll answer more questions and see a bit of infantry, cavalry and artillery drill."

Trooper Corey: "Move out, if you please Sirs."


1) Next time Troopers Ham and Corey will show infantry, cavalry and artillery in action. Probably the next post will end the series. Thank you for looking in. I hope it was informative bringing smiles and laughs.

2) BAR: Batailles de l'Ancien Régime 1740-1763 is available here:
Postage is included. I get asked that a lot.

3) If readers have remarks or questions, place them below to be answered next time. I look forward to it.


  1. Another utterly charming post Bill!You have brightened my day and brought a smile to my lips.
    best wishes

  2. Ouaouh! Fantastic looking pictures, great minis and wonderful story...I'll come back!


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