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BAR: Batailles de l'Ancien Régime 1740-1763 and More!

The next few posts will provide insights about BAR. For fun and brevity several miniatures from my collections will speak for me. You have questions. They have answers.

This is Part #1.
Part #2 is here:

We'll begin with our celebrated scouts, Troopers Ham and Corey, 10th Hussars, temporarily on leave from The Campaigns of General Pettygree [Colonial] Blog at your service.

Ham (left): "Why Bill asked us to do this is no mystery mate. We've seen it all."

Corey: "Aye. Getting away from them Tugs an' that Guru chap for a holiday ain't bad either. Lots of questions. Here's one now and can you beat that! Look who it is!"

Guru: "We are busy surviving in my country. There is little time to learn new skills and apply them. We don't want voluminous manuals and tedious complexities."

Ham: "You're in luck Mr. Guru Sir. All games are conducted using Quick Reference Charts like this one. There is one set for large table surfaces and large collections and another which reduces movement and weapon ranges for smaller tabletop needs. Page 1 has movement rates and other useful things Corey and I like."

Corey: "Aye. Three cavalry speeds, pursuit options and the possibility of penetrating deep into and past an enemy's lines like Prince Rupert of the Rhine."

Ham: "Open it to pages 2-3 for weapons, melee and morale regulations. Lay it out as shown or fold to focus on just one page. Convenient and easy. Most players do not need much coaching about the basics after turns 2-3."

Corey: "One sheet of paper, mind. Page 4 is mostly the drill manual so chaps can maneuver proper like. Fonts are large to make reading easier too."

Ham: "The main rulebook is consulted a few times per game in case we need to know something extra such as how gentlemen behave at table, how to form and maneuver combat forces, scales/ratios, chat about lofty officer concerns, explanations of 18th Century tactical nuances and more. Quick Reference Charts have 90% of the rules."

Corey: "Quick Reference Charts are updated periodically. Bill has updates available after February 2013. For example, rocket rules may be added after more trials where applicable this year."

Guru's Guard: "Good rules too. You've missed us every time! Ha!"

Ham: "Quite so. Thank you yer honours. Ah, another inquiry coming up."

Ham: "ADC Captain Siggins brought us this query from an officer on the south coast of Iberia. Read the letter will you Trooper Corey?"

Corey: "BAR is about The War of Austrian Succession and The Seven Years' War; all mid-18th Century history. Is it useful for more?"

Ham: "Yes. Bill's friend Der Alte Fritz suggested some years ago that since the system works well and our pards like it - so why not adapt it to other time periods. Bill agreed. However, allow me to go back farther in time."

Corey: "BAR is the son of Bill's Drums of War Along The Mohawk published in the mid 1980s. BAR was developed from DRUMS for continental actions in Europe using the latest histories and analysis."

Ham: "To get back to the query. We've had Quick Reference Charts under development for The Jacobite Rebellion, Napoleonics and our Colonial eras. It is a happiness none of us have to learn new systems."

Corey: "Naturally there are differences in weapons, formations and such."

Ham: "Looks like a group of inquirers is forming up ahead."

Corey: "Gentlemen. Thank you for your interest in BAR. Let's chat later after you've had time to think about our remarks and after good food and beverage."

Ham: "Aye. Let's go to a nice establishment we know to the left. Afterwards we'll say more. Follow us, if you please."

1) Troopers Ham and Corey will return soon for more insights about BAR. I know they want to talk about cavalry rules and fun stuff. More information is also available at    Till next time....

2) If you have questions, place them below.


  1. Does the book come with any scenarios?

  2. What a charming post Bill! When will the Napoleonic and other playsheets be available?
    best wishes

  3. Sir I have been using your rules since the late eighties but thought I was about the only one alive (and in France) doing it until I came across your site. I'd like to order BAR but is it possible from France and at what cost, delay etc... do you have customers in Europe (I guess so through the SYW Association°. A great fan of yours. Philippe Allard

  4. Second post: the rules are Drums as I have two F and I armies; order would be for BAR and my email adress is (not to be edited).

  5. Bonjour Philipe,
    Thank you very much for your interest in DRUMS and BAR. Yes, I will mail BAR to you for $40.00. No extra money needed.
    Votre Serviteur,


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