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Good day to you chaps. Today I hope you will enjoy random photos from divers 2022 events. Click on images to enlarge them, if you please. We commence with four above and behind German front lines during WWI. The location is immaterial. What is important are the scenes and comradeship of the gamers participating in....  



That's Kurt there on the left in the game room in his home. Four chaps flew; Kurt naturally, Bill P. (yours truly), Lewis S. and a new mate well-versed in WWI aerial matters named Kevin. Kurt knows his stuff too and has done a marvelous job adapting Sopwith to the table.

The first photo reveals an "unbelievably brown"* Sopwith Camel bi-plane flying high at altitude 9 (10 is the highest) flown by Bill P. Models are pre-painted, well-made and attractive. --- *Inside joke.

Kurt flew the blue Fokker Dr-1 tri-plane. We fired and flew past each other whilst I waived at him. When hits are scored, the large card deck shown determines damage, King 5 pts., Queen 4 pts., Jack 3 pts. and Ten 2 pts. If two hits are scored, two cards are drawn. Other cards mostly cause one damage point. Twelve damage points cause an aircraft to crash. There are some specialty cards as well. Games last about two hours.

This tri-plane unfortunately fell to the floor a few months ago badly broken and unsalvageable. So Kurt created an effective crash site rather than throw it away.

My other aircraft fixed another tri-plane in its sights. Of eight aircraft engaged, half were shot down. Mine returned to base without merit. Lewis scored highest with three enemy planes downed.

Kurt said, "Scale is somewhere around 1/72 though different companies seem to play rather loosely with the scale. Models were largely Postage Stamp models and Amercom."


Scene Test for a possible General Pettygree Battlestory.
I am disallowed from telling you more.

"[?], you go first!"
Question? What motion picture featured this iconic line?


Bill has been adapting Batailles de l'Ancién Regime  (BAR) for Ancients since November 2021. Here we see his forces advancing in a recent game. Clever eyes will see Hindu Archers and Pathan mounted and dismounted swordsmen from the 18th and 19th Centuries respectively. They look close enough. We use what we have to fill up the army. More appropriate Roman Republicans of Legio II are in the distance.

Rob O's 28mm expertly painted Romans and Allies


The Last Turn

Scenario: Tirpitz with one destroyer and Prinz Eugen with Admiral Scheer versus Prince of Wales, Repulse and two destroyers near The Arctic Circle off Norway. Ship purchase points were close. We've played this scenario twice. The Kriegsmarine won both encounters. Tirpitz is a very powerful ship.

GHQ 1/2400 scale Tirpitz giving me a final salvo....

As my GHQ Prince of Wales escaped through fog.
Destination: Scapa Flow!


Bill got out our 15mm Blitzkrieg Commander forces recently after being idle for three years. This will be a future General Pettygree Battlestory. Shown is a small portion of a solo  imagineered scenario test for a game in March. Here we see General Frisby (left rear) and myself (left front) discussing which Army will move first every turn. Generals Marx and Seydlitz won the throw.

We conclude our photo essay with Tom and Harry outside their A-9 looking for the foe and deciding if the road to the right leads to the Isthmus of Corinth and the Peloponnesus beyond. The Commonwealth Army was historically ordered to evacuate Greece in May 1941. This is what we will be doing.

The model is a Command Decision 15mm A-9 British tank in North African campaign paint. Available from Brigade Games a decade ago. Maybe they still are.


(1) Remember your friends. Move units and throw dice with them.

(2) Thank you for looking in.

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  1. You've been a busy fellow. Happy for you.

  2. From "Indiana Jones and the Ark of the Covenant." As Saleh and Indy peer into the snake infested underground room, Saleh utters those immortal words, "Indy, you go first!"


  3. Thank you Michael, Chuck and Jim!
    Jim --- you are correct re the quote. Congrats.
    Bill P.

  4. Salah looks into the buried temple crawling with snakes; "Asps, very dangerous (pats Indy on the shoulder) "You go first"


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