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Completion of Bonnie Prince Charlie's Battle Near Loch Lochy

Completion of The Battle of Loch Lochy
Date: 7 March 1745/2020
Location: Near Loch Lochy
Situation: Rallying The Clans for Bonnie Prince Charlie
Reason: We've not had a Jacobite encounter in a long time
Rules Batailles de l'Ancien Régime 1740-1763; BAR
See the previous two posts for earlier events.


Back Table
Cumberland's redeployed and somewhat reduced Army from the morning battle atop the low rise formerly held by Jacobite forces. Six battalions and two six pounders are about to march forward (to the right) to resume the battle. Off the bottom of the photo are two dragoon squadrons and another battalion.

Main Table: Jacobite Right Flank
Battalion de Albanie and a Highland Battalion also reduced numerically. 

Main Table: Jacobite Center
French Converged Battalion of Piquets still numerically strong. 

Main Table: Jacobite Extreme Left Flank
Highland musket and bow armed skirmishers defend a croft.
The croft was constructed by HG Walls for Jim P. (Der Alte Fritz).

Cumberland's Plan of Attack
The map shows a Main and two Back Tables.

British Right Flank: Between the Stone Enclosure and Croft 
The croft is off image to the right which is why the battalion has refused its right-most Grand Division. Throughout the day Highland skirmishers, particularly the archers there, plagued the redcoats continuing their deadly morning routine picking off a chap almost every turn. 

But to the left....

British Inside Right Flank
French Piquets defended a strong stone enclosure.

As a redcoat battalion came forward. 

Volleys and a charge carried the enclosure whilst newly arriving Jacobites
farther back formed behind a great log breastwork.

The piquets fell back soon departing for the log breastwork.
To the left...

Battalion de Albanie and Highlanders defend a hedged enclosure.

Pressure forced them back.

Battalion de Albanie's mounted Colonel urges his kilted grenadiers
to keep firing upon the advancing 60th Foot.

Bonnie Prince Charlie's plan was to slow the British buying time for the rest of his Army to arrive.  He hoped the battle would be decided at the log emplacements behind him. Would enough Jacobite Highlanders arrive in time? He had reason for concern. Cumberland had just breached his second line of defense. --- Except for the croft.


British Extreme Right Flank
Near the croft Highland Light Horse engaged a squadron of dragoons fighting it to a draw. This was such a shock that the Brigadier committed his other squadron in the next round.

The startled dragoons won the next round with overwhelming numbers.
Result: No enemy cavalry left. The closest troop faces that pesky croft.
All are disorganized too late to intervene to help Cumberland elsewhere. 

To their left....

The Fusiliers marched almost across The Main Table where they were met by a charging Jacobite  Force. (See the map) Although the Scotsmen were beaten, the Fusiliers became disordered and were spent. Indeed more Jacobites soon arrived....

Forcing the Fusiliers to retreat disordered.
Then the ultimate humiliation occurred.

Jacobite archers from the croft landed arrows into the Fusiliers again.
The battalion dropped under 50% strength, failed a morale test and routed never to recover.


Jacobite Right Flank
Opposed by the weakened 60th and full strength 44th Foot.

These Redcoats stopped due to troubles elsewhere.
Cumberland knew they might be needed to cover a retreat.

Jacobite Inside Right Flank
Two French Four Pounders and a Highland Clan....

 Did not....

Stop these Redcoats. This was Cumberland's High Water Mark.

Jacobite Right Center

Jacobite Left Center
Government attacks (not shown) failed to breach the wall.

Sensing victory Bonnie Prince Charlie ordered his forces to move.... 

Against the foe....

 Pursuing them to defeat.


Turn 1 commenced near 10:45 am, we broke for lunch at 12:30 pm and concluded the game around 3:00 pm. BAR plays fast and we had the pleasure to introduce two newcomers to the rules too.

Government: 405 Infantry, 24 Horse and 2x Six pounders
Jacobites: 322 Infantry gradually arriving, 12 Horse and 3x Four pounders

We use what we have.

We had fun utilizing three tables and three lines of defense. British officers were confident until mid-afternoon. Jacobite officers were sure of defeat until then. Well played by everyone.

 Including Loch Lochy's....

Comments welcome.
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  1. Great looking game, impressive details at this scale on the units (love the awesome Jacobite archers !)...nice report!

  2. Looks a great game, with figures old and new. The last picture is terrific.

  3. Thank you Phil and Allan!
    You men always write appreciated remarks.
    Bill P.

  4. Scotland gu bràth! Looks like "Billy the Butcher" will have to wait to earn his sobriquet. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love those type of games. Charlie finally had his day! We'll done

  6. Prince Charles was confident of victory throughout the battle. Scotland forever!


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