Wednesday, April 13, 2016

NEWS April 13, 2016 Let's Talk About BAR

Quick Reference Charts Revised This Month:
1. Reasons: Even faster turn processing, new "Evade" rules and a few other changes.
2. Colorized by topic. E.G. Combat information is Red and White.
3. All charts are numbered.
4. Some language changes.

5. To buy a copy:
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Select BAR Quick Reference Charts Mid 18th Century (2 versions)

Version 1: Large number of big units and/or large playing surfaces 6'x8'+.

Version 2: Smaller numbers of units, 15mms and/or smaller playing surfaces.

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If you specify one version, you will receive two copies of that version.

Is There A BAR Forum?

How Does Card Sequencing Work?
In small games (a few units each side), draw cards by unit.
Draw a Black Card and give it to the Prussian CinC to decide which one unit gets it.
If the next card is also Black, a different Prussian unit gets it.
If the next card is Red, the Austrian CinC decides which one unit gets it.

In larger and very large games, it is useful for faster turn processing to give cards to a Brigade, Wing or even an entire Army. Hence that first Black Card above could be given to a Brigade, Wing or Army to use. Reason? Cards per unit will take an enormous amount of time. This would be a huge negative for many reasons. Slow turns ruin games.

Every unit will have opportunities to move and fire by turn. Card activation does not demand that units or players sit idle. Reasons: Players want to move units and throw dice.

Other Information?
See Let's Talk About BAR 1, 2 and 3 below.
Lots of useful information.
Have Fun.
Bill P.

PS Fast turns make for good games.