Monday, June 17, 2013

SYW NEWS: June 17, 2013

   Dec. 27, 2012:  Lobositz at Der Alte's Home (BAR Rules)
   Feb. 9, 2013:  1:20 Game at Gallia (BAR Rules)
   Apr. 5-6, 2013:  1760 Escalade of Quebec. (BAR Rules)*
   Apr. 5-6 2013:  Austria vs Prussia. (Tricorne Rules)*

* The annual SYW Assn. Weekend in South Bend, Indiana.

   There was a gratifying increase in the number of Russians painted by Michael M., John M. and John B. Thank you guys for your trust and confidence!

1. Restart the SYW before 2014.
  Hopefully in late August or October for game #1.
  Plus the annual game on Dec. 7, 2013 for game #2.

2. Future painting for me:
  Saxon Prinz Xavier Battalion (Eureka)
  Saxon Leibkürassier Garde 2nd. Sq. (Eureka)
  Saxon 6 Pdr. Battery (Eureka)
  French Arquebiussier de Grassin Squadron (Eureka)
  Horseholders: Bercheney's Hussars and Fischer Dragoons. (Eureka)
  French Cuirassiers du Roi (Suren)**
** These fellows have been lanquishing unpainted for 4-5 years!

RULES: Batailles de l' Ancien Régime 1740-1760
Three unique descriptions of BAR were conducted by miniatures taking readers on a tour with photos, captions and conversation below. You've never seen anything like this before! Fun too!

Some of you know I also do Campaings of General Pettygree Colonial and the Napoleonic Campaigns in IBERIA blogs. Naturally these take time away from the SYW. A few months ago the Pettygree Colonial story resumed plus Der Alte, Curt B., John M. and I have been raising British for Iberia. As much as I like the SYW
it is important to pause from time to time. I've been gaming the SYW since the late 1960s so we've had a great long run - and - it shall continue.

Votre Serviteur,



  1. M. Protz,

    Greetings from Hesse-Fedora!

    When you build batteries for BAR, how do you compose them? My own Saxon artillery is simply two guns with four crew plus a pair of infantry handlers.

    Landgraf Ed

  2. Hello Ed!!!
    My two Saxon 6 pounders will have eight or ten miniatures; four or five miniatures per cannon model. If your two cannons are battalion guns, a total of six chaps is good. Mine probably will not be battalion pieces. I'm still deciding. ?

    Three, four or five miniatures handling a 6 pounder is good.
    Good luck and it's great to hearing from you again Ed,

  3. Bill,

    I have the Eureka Saxon infantry and artillery. I think you will find them a treat to paint. If you will recall, you saw them at MilleniumCon 2008. You were helping Fahnrich Brad, who was sitting next to you, maneuver them. See the 5th, 8th-10th, and 13th photos in the link below.


  4. Dear Jim,
    Thank you! That was a good day at Millenium Con; 4.5 years ago now.
    You placed a comment here three times. I apologize for instigating comment moderation here and on the Pettygree Colonial blogs. Reason? A chap going by the name of Anonymous has been placing spam comments by a dozen or so almost daily going back into 2012. I am a favorite target of his. None get through anymore and never will.
    So when you wrote and did not see your remarks immediately posted, it was because I had not gotten to your remarks yet to approve appearance here which of course I will always do for you.
    Mr. Anonymous as I now call him will waste perhaps thoussands of hours trying to breach my defenses. As our British friends say, A pity.
    His remarks will never appear and he is wasting his/her life on nothingness.

    1. Bill,

      I didn't notice the warning that you moderate the comments until I finally saw it with attempt #3. Ooops!



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