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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

BIG Battalion Schlacht Bei Leuthen

Several photos disappear when TMP readers visit this story.
I don't know why with apologies.

Date: 1 December 1757/2018
Situation: Annual BIG BAR SYW Game
Scenario: Prussian Afternoon Attack on Leuthen
Design: Adapted by Jim P. {Der Alte Fritz}
Terrain: From the Collection of Jim P.
Miniatures: Collection of Jim P. (80%), Rob O. and Keith L.
Photos from Dave G. are marked DG. Thank you Dave!
Nuance: East, Center and West Sectors successfully played at their own speed.

BAR, the main rule book. However, we consulted Quick Reference Charts
seen in the following photos 99% of the time. DG

The above was additionally in play for....

Our engaged, cheerful and companionable band of brothers.
Seated Left to Right: Morgan E., Jim H., Dan E. and Keith L.
Standing Left to Right: Yours truly Bill P., Rob O., Jim P. and Dave G.

Chow Time around noon.
Participants brought food and drink to share. Thank you.
Later we deployed birthday cake celebrating December birthdays.
Happy Birthday Jim P!


Magnificent Prussian Dragoon Brigade southeast of Leuthen facing north. DG

Supported by Prussian Kurassiers. DG

Overhead view.
Austrian and Prussian Hussar Screens clash near the red die.
Austrian infantry and horse are positioned at the top of the photo.
More Austrian cavalry is unseen on a Back Table. DG

View from the Austrian position. DG

Top Center: Dragoons move forward.
Center Right: Prussian Hussar Screen is defeated and pursued.
Bottom: Kurassiers right about by fours into a column. DG

Later in the afternoon Prussian heavies penetrate deeply. DG

The Austrians will eventually stabilize their situation and win the flank.


Rot Wurzburg defends the Roman Catholic Church walls.

Before the Prussian Storm!

Here They Come.


Closer Still.

Dangerously close.

Toward the end Prussians from the West Flank closely approached Leuthen from its west side. We reasoned this plus other losses within Leuthen would eventually cause the Austrians to retire.


West of Leuthen open ground afforded prodigious space for cavalry action. As an experiment Austrian and Prussian squadrons attacked by squadrons rather than en muraille (like a solid wall) by regiment.

Austrian Grenadiers (photo bottom) cover the west end of Leuthen. Meanwhile out yonder Prussian and Austrian cavalry clash.

Surviving Austrian cavalry face east at the end of the game. Just barely visible at the top are the Prussians who were here now caving in the Austrian flank in Leuthen.

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Friday, November 30, 2018

Getting Ready For Leuthen 2018

Date: 1 December 1757/2018
Historical Date: 5 December 1757
Location: Leuthen, Silesia
Genre: Annual Seven Years' War BIG Battalion Game
The first Saturday in December has been our traditional SYW game. For several years it was a light troop game. However, for the past two years we changed the theme. We were in India one year ago on The Plain of Sorrows. (See the story after this one.)  This year Der Alte Fritz (Jim P.) suggested we do an adaptation of Leuthen with his gorgeous winterized terrain.

Naturally I agreed without hesitation to enjoy this prime opportunity.

Here are three photos on the eve of battle hinting at the spectacle.

Main Table looking west to east.
Prussians are marching on from the right (South).

 The well-known Roman Catholic Church in Leuthen.

Leuthen Village occupied by the Austrians.

Are we doing Frederick's celebrated oblique attack? No we are not. 

We are doing the Prussian attack on Leuthen Village
during the afternoon of 5 December 1757 instead.

Jim and I plan to take many photos.
Come back next week for the story, if you please.

Bill P.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Basmati's Hill Fort and Plain of Sorrows Battles


Date: 2 December, 1757 (2017)
Location: Southeast India, The Carnatic, Near Arcot
Situation: The Battle for Basmati's Hill Fort and The Plain of Sorrows
Rules: Batailles de l'Ancien Regime 1740-1763 known as BAR.
See for information about the rules.

The French and Allies
Bill P.              Guru 
Bill P.              Lieutenant General l'Duc de Bussy
Michael M.    l'Comte de Lally
Earl K.            Nawab Basmati    
Dan W.           Brigadier of Mercenaries

The British and Allies
Jim P.             Colonel Robert Clove
Keith L.          Rajah Ruttin Tuttin
Keith J.          Brigade Commander 

Seated Left to Right: Keith J., Earl K. and Keith L.
Standing Left To Right: Jim P. (Der Alte Fritz) Michael M., Dan W. and Bill P. (Yours truly and Chronicler of The Adventures of General Pettygree)

Jerry Goldsmith      The Wind and The Lion and The Mummy, 
Maurice Jarre          Lawrence of Arabia
John Williams         The Planets by Holst
Alan Silvestri           The Mummy Returns

The Battle on the Left

Lieutenant General l'Duc de Bussy: 

"My uneasiness to engage Mr. Clove's British Contingent on The Plain of Sorrows was apparent to those closest to me. It was not because I feared him. Rather, it was because of our ally with whom I was ordered to accommodate."

"The Nawab Basmati though agreeing with my advice for months in the end might ruin everything.  His precipitous advance upon Madras in August where we were bested was only one example."

"The last was his decision to await events barricaded within his Hill Fort while Mr. Clove and I traded volleys. Was this treachery, cowardice or a clever means to survive at my expense? You may judge after reading my account. It began this way...."

 Aide de Camp Captain Maurice d'Ars

"Monsieur l'General. Mr Clove's Army approaches. Native horsemen precede two infantry brigades with artillery. They will appear on The Plain of Sorrows within the hour."

"I sent d'Ars to l'Comte de Lally ordering...."

"The Army to advance preceded...."

"By our horsemen (left) who cleared The Plain of Sorrows of enemy cavalry. We were cheered by this success."

"Our heaviest brigade of four battalions in two lines was posted on our right. Unseen to the left are three more battalions."

"The British Contingent came forward with their Right against my Left. Our Sepoys valiantly held the end of the line slowing the foe. Seeing this impediment, Colonel Clove threw two Sepoy Battalions of his own supported by a brace of Six Pounders against them."

"Colonel Clove observed the whole of this inevitable affair."
Photo courtesy of Jim P. (Der Alte Fritz)

"A large Highland Battalion held the Center en echelon while the 60th Foot refused his Left beside an unfordable stream."

"The British attack favored them in almost every way. Volleys were well-timed and effective. Two  battalions were thrown back in early fighting. Our losses nearby were also considerable. Indeed l'Comte de Lally sought me out inferring in the politest way that the battle was lost and to save the Army. I ordered him to remain in place a little longer hoping for a turn of luck."

"However, our fortunes became worse upon the arrival of  Captain Valmiens, our liaison at Nawab Basmati's Hill Fort."

"Monsieur l'General, I beg to report conditions at the Hill Fort. The Basmati's pickets have been beaten back by a force two to three times his numbers. I only just got away before the enemy reorganized within a musket shot of the walls for what we assumed would be a coup de main."

"The end for us had come. I ordered my drummers to sound l'Retraite."
(The retreat)

"It was time to get away and recover what we could. Silently I began to think about a plan to march to the sea if necessary to save the Army. "

"An opportunity arose later to discuss the battle with Colonel Clove."
Photo courtesy of Jim P. (Der Alte Fritz)

He said, " My tactic was to employ a refused left wing attacking with a weighted right wing. It appeared the best French battalions were facing our left so I was content to let them attack us in that area waiting for them to come to us. At the same time, it appeared that that French Sepoys and lesser quality combatants were facing our right wing so I wanted to load up against them."

"If we could overcome the French left and turn it back, then we possibly could force the French right back into the river-jungle area cutting them off or force a retreat."

The Battle on the Right
Captain Valmien's Report to de Bussy

"Nawab Basmati's first line consisted of a large body of archers. These were engaged by enemy musket men in Rajah Ruttin Tuttin's Advance Guard."

"At first the archers held their own."


"Then the foe's Main Body began arriving."

"Pushing forward with speed."

"Supported by elephants."

"Elephant threats in the form of feigned charges turned our flank." 

"It was too much to bear. Our allies began fleeing to the fort."

"But there was hope. Basmati's Household Guard arrived to reinforce us."

"Within the compound there was disorder."

"Order out of chaos was restored while the enemy paused to reorganize and place attackers on two sides of the fort. I thought a coup de main would occur."

" However, in the distance I saw the enemy commander whom I later learned was The Raja Ruttin Tuttin confer with Basmati's Guru. It was not long before parley flags were raised by both sides. At this time I mounted my horse to report to you per my orders."


"Your Excellency, Colonel Clove presents his compliments and terms."

"He desires that you disarm our Army except for Palace Guards, reject the alliance with Louis XV and become a vassal of The Britannic King. We may retain our flags, two small cannon within the Hill Fort and your Governorship as a gesture of thanks for your acceptance of these terms."

"It is the gift of Kali."

1) Preparation, photos, dialog, the game itself, our companionable players and chow made this a fun day. Thank you sincerely mon tres cher amis!

2)The game started at 10:00 am finishing at 2:30 pm. Eight turns were played on The Plain of Sorrows while eleven turns elapsed in the Hill Fort area. We paused at noon for lunch and at 1:30 pm for birthday cake celebrating December birthdays for Jim P. and Michael M.; a tradition we have. Throughout we munched on snacks and beverages supplied by players or their generous wives.

3) This is a long After Action Report. Best you consider going back to reread and view images again to immerse yourselves in the fun of Seven Years' War India tabletop gaming. By the way, did you notice that almost all natives were miniatures General Pettygree typically fights on the NW Frontier in the late 1890s? Using them in two time periods is a wonderful thing.

4) Thank you sincerely for looking in. Blog writers really appreciate your interest.

5) Love to read your comments below. Don't just be a lurker, if you please.