Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Jakubowo-Kilastitzy July 30-31, 1812


Adaptation: Battle of Jakubowo-Kilastitzy, Russia

Rules Test of General d'Armee

Date: 22 August 2020 (July 30-31, 1812)



Russian Advance Guard Encampment at Kilastitzy

Russian Jagers moving onto the battlefield

Uhlan screen at the forward edge of the Russian Deployment Zone
Hedges (left) mark the rearmost deployment line.
Line of bushes (right) mark the most forward deployment edge.

Rear of Russian Right Flank

Rear of Russian Left Flank

Lithuanian Uhlans (not in the game)

French Left Flank 
Deploy between hedges and the forward line of bushes and structure.

French Center
Deploy between the hedges and line of forward small bushes. 
The Russian Uhlan screen is in the distance.

French Right Flank
Deploy between hedges and the forward line of small bushes.
The Russian Uhlan screen is in the distance.


(1) French: Greg B. and Bob B.    Russian: Matt L with Bill P.

(2) Village is not in play. It is there for atmosphere and to show the Russian LOC.

(3) Use 28mm movement rates and weapon ranges.

(4) Suggestion: Turn 1 double move.

(5) Suggestion: Use pp 95-96 Corps Commander rules to maybe increase the number of ADCs.

(6) Battlefield: 6'x8'. Deployment Zones 6'x2'.

(7) All units classified as "Line" to simplify things.

(8) Elevations are at a 1:1 ratio of height to miniatures. No fancy calculations needed. Use a laser pointer if needed. Undulations exist providing some cover; "hull down" in WWII parlance.

(9) To help with rules implementation we are sharing the following duties:
  • Bill P. Officers/Activation/Initiative.
  • Greg B. Weapons Fire
  • Matt L. Melee

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  1. Nice sized board for this....great job on the paintwork.

  2. Has this project been shelved for now Bill?

    Best wishes


  3. Glasgow Warhog: Thank you for your remarks.

    Greg: 26 September was supposed to be the next General d'Armee 1812 game but key players had to bail out due to understandable family activities. We will reschedule in October.
    Meanwhile, four of us who were available on the 26th instant pivoted to The Sudan. See my General Pettygee blog for posts setting the stage for the game. The AAR for the 26th has not been written because it just happened but we have some amazing photographs coming.

    Bill P.
    Chronicler for The Adventures of General Pettygree

    1. Thanks, Bill. I look forward to the reports.
      Best wishes,



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