Sunday, December 23, 2018

Merry Christmas To All


Tuesday, December 4, 2018

BIG Battalion Schlacht Bei Leuthen

Several photos disappear when TMP readers visit this story.
I don't know why with apologies.

Date: 1 December 1757/2018
Situation: Annual BIG BAR SYW Game
Scenario: Prussian Afternoon Attack on Leuthen
Design: Adapted by Jim P. {Der Alte Fritz}
Terrain: From the Collection of Jim P.
Miniatures: Collection of Jim P. (80%), Rob O. and Keith L.
Photos from Dave G. are marked DG. Thank you Dave!
Nuance: East, Center and West Sectors successfully played at their own speed.

BAR, the main rule book. However, we consulted Quick Reference Charts
seen in the following photos 99% of the time. DG

The above was additionally in play for....

Our engaged, cheerful and companionable band of brothers.
Seated Left to Right: Morgan E., Jim H., Dan E. and Keith L.
Standing Left to Right: Yours truly Bill P., Rob O., Jim P. and Dave G.

Chow Time around noon.
Participants brought food and drink to share. Thank you.
Later we deployed birthday cake celebrating December birthdays.
Happy Birthday Jim P!


Magnificent Prussian Dragoon Brigade southeast of Leuthen facing north. DG

Supported by Prussian Kurassiers. DG

Overhead view.
Austrian and Prussian Hussar Screens clash near the red die.
Austrian infantry and horse are positioned at the top of the photo.
More Austrian cavalry is unseen on a Back Table. DG

View from the Austrian position. DG

Top Center: Dragoons move forward.
Center Right: Prussian Hussar Screen is defeated and pursued.
Bottom: Kurassiers right about by fours into a column. DG

Later in the afternoon Prussian heavies penetrate deeply. DG

The Austrians will eventually stabilize their situation and win the flank.


Rot Wurzburg defends the Roman Catholic Church walls.

Before the Prussian Storm!

Here They Come.


Closer Still.

Dangerously close.

Toward the end Prussians from the West Flank closely approached Leuthen from its west side. We reasoned this plus other losses within Leuthen would eventually cause the Austrians to retire.


West of Leuthen open ground afforded prodigious space for cavalry action. As an experiment Austrian and Prussian squadrons attacked by squadrons rather than en muraille (like a solid wall) by regiment.

Austrian Grenadiers (photo bottom) cover the west end of Leuthen. Meanwhile out yonder Prussian and Austrian cavalry clash.

Surviving Austrian cavalry face east at the end of the game. Just barely visible at the top are the Prussians who were here now caving in the Austrian flank in Leuthen.

Thank You For Looking In