Friday, November 30, 2018

Getting Ready For Leuthen 2018

Date: 1 December 1757/2018
Historical Date: 5 December 1757
Location: Leuthen, Silesia
Genre: Annual Seven Years' War BIG Battalion Game
The first Saturday in December has been our traditional SYW game. For several years it was a light troop game. However, for the past two years we changed the theme. We were in India one year ago on The Plain of Sorrows. (See the story after this one.)  This year Der Alte Fritz (Jim P.) suggested we do an adaptation of Leuthen with his gorgeous winterized terrain.

Naturally I agreed without hesitation to enjoy this prime opportunity.

Here are three photos on the eve of battle hinting at the spectacle.

Main Table looking west to east.
Prussians are marching on from the right (South).

 The well-known Roman Catholic Church in Leuthen.

Leuthen Village occupied by the Austrians.

Are we doing Frederick's celebrated oblique attack? No we are not. 

We are doing the Prussian attack on Leuthen Village
during the afternoon of 5 December 1757 instead.

Jim and I plan to take many photos.
Come back next week for the story, if you please.

Bill P.