Friday, December 1, 2017

Nawab Basmati's Last Stand?


Date: 2 December, 1757 (2017)
Location: Southeast India, The Carnatic, Near Arcot
Situation: The Battle for Basmati's Hill Fort and The Plain of Sorrows
Rules: Batailles de l'Ancien Regime 1740-1763 known as BAR.
See for information about the rules.

Lieutenant General l'Duc de Bussy
Nawab Basmati
Colonel Armand l'Honneur


"Mansur, I see them. The Household of Nawab Basmati is coming to help.

"Yes. Horsemen rivaling those of the Europeans, swordsmen, musket men and supplies.

"But....look in the distance what enters The Plain of Sorrows."

"I see them bhai (brother); the Advance Guard of The British Contingent come to slay us." 

"A gift from Kali for our failure to capture Madras in August. Go tell the Nawab."

"No. You do it. I'll keep watch for our French Allies."

Ten minutes later.

"Oh Great Nawab. Save us from the infidels!" 

"The light of Kali illuminates us.
Will you consult the Guru for its meaning?"

 Thirty-five minutes later.

"Greetings and peace honored Guru."

"Colonel Robert Clove's Army approaches. What shall we do?'

"As I have foreseen. Of course my plan is to let the infidels eliminate each other again. You did not allow enough time for this at The Battle of Madras. This is why you must hold your Hill Fort until the last extremity or the sun setting. In this way I have manipulated the French and British to fight to the death on The Plain of Sorrows."

"I'm not sure the Frenchman de Busy will be so easily misled again. And if we lose?"

"Then it will be the gift of Kali. Return to your fort."

"Good bye."

"Thank you for your adulation my children. 
The Guru's plan will consume the Europeans."  

"Thank you.   Thank you.    Now go to your posts."

Basmati's silent thoughts:
"I do not think the British would ever trust me as an ally but if we lose and they summon me to obedience, that with a rich tribute to Clove would be a gift from Kali too. I wonder...."


Colonel Armand l'Honneur et Lieutenant General l'Duc de Bussy

"Monsieur l'General, is it true the Nawab Basmati's remnant of an Army has secluded itself in the environs of his stone Hill Fort?" 

"Oui mon tres cher Armand. He will not stand beside us and leaves the hardest fighting versus Mr. Clove to us. Whether this is cowardice or treachery I do not know. We must be vigilant and mindful to save our Army. Indeed we may need to fight our way to the sea if the day goes against us."


1) Sincere thanks to Earl K. for  imagineering thoughts and plans for Nawab (Governor) Basmati and the Guru.

2) Come back soon for our AAR.

3) What do you think of the changed way to do After Action Reports by personalities interacting with each other through dialogue?

4) Your remarks are welcome below at the word Comments.

5) I had a question about the height of Nawab Basmati's elephant made by Redoubt.
See the photo below.



  1. A curious problem, how to best serve our Most Christian Majesty Louis? Time will tell.

  2. At least you know who you're serving. My men will be disembarking having been hired to serve some army by agents unknown.

  3. Great fun! Just a pity these reports appear so rarely. Keep up the good work.

  4. An atmospheric and splendid post, always glad to see this kind of report, wonderful scenery! As Colonel Armand l'Honneur would have said, "Du travail de grande classe Monsieur, félicitations!"

  5. the scene is set for the battle - nicely done

  6. I enjoy very much reports by the interaction of the personalities. Thanks, John miller

  7. absolutely love have so much fun w/ your game..Outstanding Bill

  8. Thank you so much for the final photo. This may well suit the Tipooh after all!

  9. Oh and as per your request number 3. I very much enjoy this approach, although that is not to say I did not enjoy the previous way :)

  10. Thank you Gentlemen!,
    I sincerely appreciate your sentiments and especially that you took time to say so.
    Bill P.


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