Thursday, August 3, 2017

Designing The SYW Battle of Madras, India


Come along with l'Duc de DeBussy to Madras, India, if you please.

Terra-forming the tabletop finished August 3, 2017. Curiously two battlefields were built; one on top of the other. --- What's that Bill?

There are two games here this month. On the 26th instant we'll be flying the 4th BIG Battle of Britain Game. Preceding it on the 5th is the Seven Years' War Battle of Madras, India. I wanted to get a head start on the BOB. Here's what I did.

(1) This is south-eastern Britain around Dover. Structures can't be placed now.

(2) The brownish-green table covering is land north of the beaches.

(3) Note how that covering is slightly angled and is not at the table edge.

(4) Reason: So the coast is not exactly parallel to the right table edge.

(5) Portions of the cloth hang vertically off the left side of the table. It's okay.

(6) The vibrant green cloth piled idly to the left will bury near portions of the table.

(7) The vibrant green table covering has now buried southeast Britain.

(8) So too will the distant covering.

(9) Like this.

(10) And this; a verdant area near the river.

(11) The Nawab Basmati welcomes you to India.

(12) After the Madras Game, all you see will be removed so southeast Britain can be archaeologically uncovered.


 British right flank.

Fort Madras on the British Back Table.


(a) All of the above was improvised - imagineered.

(b) I did not think of angling the terrain cloth until yesterday. I like the possibilities.

(c) Scenario: The Nawab of Basmati fresh from his victory in May at Arcot decided to attack the nearby British base at Madras. M. de Bussy, his French ally, is not pleased but we gamers need a jolly reason to move units and throw dice, don't we? --- Yes we do.

(d) Your remarks are very welcome at Comments below.


  1. I can't wait to see how these games play out. The two table concept is very imaginative, and both, I'm sure, will be stunning. I'm really looking forward to the AAR's.


  2. Yes, this all looks very promising and exciting. Reminds me to get my own table set up here or a solo affair this weekend.

    Best Regards,


  3. Looking forward to the report and another French/allied victory.


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