Friday, August 4, 2017

Seven Years' War Battle of Madras, India


Date: 4-5 August, 1757 (2017)
Location: Southeast India, The Carnatic, Inland From The Port of Madras
Situation: Nawab Basmati Desires To Expel  British Influence

**********      **********       **********       **********       **********

Lieutenant General l'Duc de Bussy
Nawab Basmati
Colonel Armand l'Honneur

There he is my dear Armand, the Nawab Basmati, exhorting his men.

Hurry my children. In May we hurled the enemy away from Arcot. It was a great sign. Now Madras, their base, like ripe fruit awaits us. We only need to pluck it!

I only know this Monsieur l'Duc. We were very lucky at Arcot. It was hardly a sign.

Oui Armand. We will fight because it is our duty. However, the British with their backs to the sea will fight with the ferocity of the great Bengal Tiger. This is why I am leaving you here.

Before de Bussy left for the great procession, he told me to hold this ground. It guards our line of communication if we retreat. But, without regular troupes de terre.... No, I must not think about that.

It is a grand sight to behold Monsieur l'General.

The procession of l'Armee de Bussy surely encourages.... 

 Our allies and discourages the confounded enemy.

The Advance Guard.

At that large tree we shall commence deployment to our right. 
Halt the march there while I ride back down the column.

Colonel Albanie. --- Soon we will deploy to fight the foe. 
But there is our real enemy.

 The Nawab and his superstitious cohorts.


(1) Well well.... Some French officers are troubled.

(2) The Battle of Madras is next. Will we see you there?

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  1. This is going to a heckuva game. Great miniatures and terrain. Anticipation is building.

  2. This is going to be good!

    Best Regards,


  3. You have a special way of spinning a great tale, Mr. Protz.

  4. I await the coming battle with interest !

  5. Like my fellow commenters above, I'm looking forward to the coming action with great anticipation... and a dash of panache, as befits the Age of Reason!


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