Saturday, April 15, 2017

Painting Challenge Done


The post dated March 9th, 2017 showed what I planned to paint in my Personal Painting Challenge. A few pards joined in too. That made it more fun. Here is what I finished nine hours before the 11:59pm deadline on April 15th. Reason: To jump-start our S. Pacific WWII Campaign. You know, to add more stuff.

Two Japanese Type 95 HA GO Light Tanks. They are armed with a 37mm main gun and two machine guns. The turret MG broke off on the leading tank. Yours will too. It is a very easy fix. It was replaced by a small length of wire cut from a paper clip.

The leading AFV turret decal shows it is an HQ tank. The second tank's decal looks a little like the number 5. It is not. It means it is from the 1st Company.

Models are resin with some metal from the Bolt Action range offered by Warlord Games; really nice models.

Clunky tanks are my favorite AFVs, especially if fast.

These USA M3 tanks are certainly clunky and fast. The paint and decal scheme are for operations in late December 1941 and early 1942 on Luzon in the Philippines.

My M3s came from Warlord's Bolt Action three tank boxed set. There are enough parts for Soviet, Western Desert and Tunisia variations. I jury-rigged mine as best I could for the US Army on Luzon in 1941-42. You could probably alter them for the USMC early in the war.

These are superior models. The engineering put into these plastic models is proof.

They will be looking for the HA GOs in the first photo soon.

These are newly painted 28mm Japanese Army infantry from Brigade Games and The Assault Group.

These fellows are almost all fairly active in keeping with Army doctrine to move fast and never mind waiting to build up your force before attacking. Apparently this worked versus less well-trained and poorly equipped opponents such as the Philippine Army in 1941 but not the USMC in 1942.

1) This personal challenge worked well for several people as an incentive to cross the finish line before time ran out. Deadlines work. Anything was eligible; partially finished or totally unfinished items, easy or more involved to do. The idea was to get a bunch of stuff done.

2) John joined in painting more than sixty items from various time periods. Ditto for Michael M.

3) John emailed me saying he wants to start another Painting Challenge. Okay John! You are on. Let's see, sixty French Sepoys need basing and underlying movement trays. That counts for something, eh guys? Well! This needs to get done for a SYW game in India soon.

4) How did you do? Your remarks are welcome at Comments below.

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  1. It took me a while to get started but once I did things took off. I've had 10 gold piles/objectives on the bench for over a year! I've started in on the micro armor again and actually finished something (1/1200 IJN aircraft). It was a good kick in the rump.

  2. I finished the last of the figures yesterday. If not for the challenge keeping me focused I think I would have started off on some other things and not finished more than half of my goal.

    Here's what I did. 6 Hussars in 40mm, 12 WWIIUS 28mm, 15 gangsters 28mm, 3 Ancient Chinese 28mm.

    Thanks it was productive and fun.

  3. Congratulations John and Dan!
    You had singular success.
    Cheers, bravos and applause, Bill

  4. Building a USMC rifle platoon for Guadalcanal using Bolt Action plastic figures. I have one rifle squad built and painted, two more assembled. Building the 4th BAR squad and HQ section now.

    Other projects in the works include 1/300 aircraft, B17s of 303 bomb group (6 of 24 done), p47s, and Luftwaffe fighters.

  5. I am reminded of the comment at the beginning of the chapter "Dressed to Kill" in John Elttings Swords around a Throne, the comment by a French cavalryman, to the effect that the artists renderings and the uniform regulations are at variance with what the soldiers really wore.
    And it is worse
    Using a painting guide, meant for 15, 20, 25+ will not do for 6 or 2mm. The detail is lost, if we go by what the soldiers actually wore, especially in the 20th and 21st centuries.
    Indeed, at a distance, all troops are of a dark color, the camo patterns and weapons colors merging into that dark color, green, black, brown
    Indeed, at range, even the colors on the larger figures meege. The detail onky exists at point blank range.


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