Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Battle of Grünfeld

Situation: Seven Years' War Battle of Grünfeld
Date: December 5, 2015/1757
Rules: Batailles de l'Ancien Régime 1740-1763 {BAR}
Miniatures: Roughly 850/Army; About 1,700 28mms

To enhance fun and camaraderie we celebrated Jim and Michael's December birthdays with a scrumptious cake.


Prussian Right Flank: Three regiments of Prussian Kürassiers and the Blue Hussars advance to cross sabers with Russian and Saxon Kürassiers on the plain of Grünfeld. Russians and Saxons are in the upper left.

The Blue Hussars moved forward in open order to tempt Saxon foes with carbine fire.

In moments the center of both cavalry lines crashed. The Prussians were bested in two rounds of melee and routed to the Back Table about 42" to the rear from this location where they rallied and reformed. The victorious Russians and Saxons did not pursue thinking as everyone did, the Prussians would not be able to rally. But they did. That's why we use dice!

While the Blue Hussars continued to harass their opponents, General Lentulus formed his kürassiers in two ranks to extend the line behind the Hussars. Not shown is the melee which Lentulus won next. His opponents fled and were cut down in the pursuit by the Hussars.

The Prussians to the left of the central cavalry melee lost two rounds of swordplay here as well. They too routed to the Back Table where they reformed. Total rearward movement was 6" for losing the first round, another 6" for losing round 2 followed by another 30 inches in the rout. The latter is variable.

Toward 2:00 pm reformed Prussian Kürassiers advanced supported by Lentulus (not shown) off to the right and the screen of Blue Hussars. Russian cavalry withdrew.

In the center of Grünfeld the Prussians established a battery of six cannons in two sections on a high hill.

Protected by a Brigade of Fusiliers. The cavalry battle previously described is off the bottom of the image.


Lady Diana Pettygree (on the grey) and her entourage escorted by the Lanciers de Saxe.... 

Came upon survivors of the Saxon Leib Kürassiers retiring from the field of battle.

Colonel Gleissner: "The battle is lost. May I take the liberty to say, you are in danger? Join and ride with us farther to the rear to safety. 
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1) Usually I take photos of the entire battlefield. On this occasion I did not given a pair of workmen were doing restoration work.

2) On the other hand, my position was on the Prussian Right Flank. Historically I would have had little to no idea what was happening elsewhere. That was essentially the case. 

3) The lady wearing the pink ensemble was a gift from John Ray. I hope my painting did not ruin her!
4) Your remarks are entirely welcome below at the word Comments.
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