Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Bridge

Date: 14 August 1762/2012
Situation: French Retreat - Allied Pursuit
Or: Testing A Future Scenario

Our local group is fortunate to be able to participate in a variety of games after work on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings. On the 14 of August we played a Seven Years' War Batailles de l'Ancien Régime 1740-1763 (BAR) game using three battalions, two light guns and three squadrons per side. Numerical differences were minor.

The scenario was suggested by Der Alte (Jim P.) In a way the game below was a test of a Napoleonic battle occurring on 25 August.

The French needed to retreat to this bridge, cross and retreat off the field on the road in the right of the image. A battle rages near the top of the image beyond the large trees.

The only sensible way across the river would be to use the bridge. The river is shallow but is supposed to be stricken with many rocks. Assuming the French reach the bridge, some should cross on the bridge while others form a rear guard to cover that retreat. Crossing through the water was not allowed especially because both banks are supposed to be very steep.

French Left Flank and Center: De Saxe Lanciers in the upper left engaged Prussian hussars, lost and were routed. Regiment Berry anchors the left flank. On it's right is Regiment La Sarre. The French infantry are atop a long ridge.

The French Left Flank was pressed hard by two enemy battalions and two squadrons of Prussian hussars. Above is Regiment Berry.

It is possible to just obtain an idea of the valley separating the two sides. Using a terrain mat such as sold by The Terrain Guy accomplishes this effect. Gamers can place all kinds of things underneath....

To achieve slopes and heights as shown above. Easy!

French Left Flank: Berry and La Sarre surged forward but were unable to break the Hessian Isenburg Battalion. Both retreated. During the retreat Berry was lost.

 French Center: La Sarre atop a ridge.
 The Allies press the French Left Flank hard.

Todd's British 60th Regiment of Foot with two 6 Pounders were coming on fast and there was no way to stop them. Time for the French to leave.

French allies maneuvered around to keep open the way to the bridge. Shown are two squadrons of Saxon von Brühl Dragoons doing this. In the upper left is Prussian Regiment von Bungle having a hard time with French Regiment Royal Roussillon. Both suffered terrible casualties. However, we agreed von Bungle had one more turn before destruction or rout. Two ranks faced Royal Roussillon whilst the third about faced to shoot at the the Saxons. Chuck actually turned around the third rank to do this. Easy to do when miniatures are individually based.

Closing Remarks:

1) We started the game at 7:30pm finishing at 9:40pm.

2) Todd B. and Chuck L. opposed yours truly in a fun, friendly and stimulating engagement. Not all our games are large.

3) Had one more turn been played, the way to the bridge would have been opened.

4) See http://oldregimerules.com/ for information about the rules Batailles de l'Ancien Régime 1749-1763 {BAR}.

5) Your considered remarks are entirely sought and welcome.