Thursday, May 17, 2012

Part 2: The Battle of Costa Blanca

Date: 12 May 1808/2012
Location: Costa Blanca, Iberia
Situation: Game #1 Reconnaissance

The previous posting was a flashback to a small portion of the Battle of Costa Blanca.

Britannian Right Flank

Return with me now to the first day as the British occupy the area, desire to place explosives on a bridge leading into the port and scout in the direction of an expected French Army to learn their whereabouts and strengths.

Brigadier Gildner's force enters the port of Costa Blanca.

Royal Marines form up outside headquarters.

Mission: Place explosive charges at a bridge two turns of marching to the left. But....

They retired and formed a square. Why?

Tower Hill. 
A French Chasseur Regiment (not shown) has appeared beyond the lower right. Two companies of rifles await their arrival. The marines are in the upper left of the image.

Britannian Left Flank

Lord Paget was ordered to scout the terrain ahead to discover the whereabouts and strength of the French Army and report information back to headquarters.

On the extreme left flank the 15th Hussars see nothing so far. Next to their right....

Beyond a wooded ridge Portuguese Rifles and a section of 16th Light Dragoons are also scouting and moving ahead.

Lord Paget himself with the rest of the 16th and two companies of 95th Rifles also scouting ahead to the right of the previous image. Note importance placed on formed reserves. No French have been seen yet using recon. rules designed for this scenario.

French skirmishers suddenly appear! Are they facing the wrong way? No. They just ambushed the 15th Hussars you saw a few images ago with deadly effect. The French are on the edge of the Main Table facing the 15th Hussars on a Side Table.

Paget's horsemen finally find something previously hidden in cover; French Chasseurs A Cheval. Before discovery Curt and I threw 1D6 against each other. I lost and had to send two troopers to gather the sheep and take them to the rear for the dinner table. Note other units of Paget's command in the distance who have discovered nothing as they continued to move forward.

Time to fall back

Closing Remarks:

1. We had two games. The first was a morning scouting game described in the text above. The second was played after lunch. Part 3 will close the AAR with the afternoon game.

2. French Players: Curt B and Earl K.

3. British Players: Stan G., Jim P. (Der Alte Fritz) and Bill P. (yours truly).

4. Comments welcome below.


  1. Very evocative and enjoyable to read, thank you Bill.

    The French legere figures in the 9th photo (or 3rd from last), I wonder which manufacturer produced them; they look vaguely familiar but I can't quite recall.

  2. Steve,
    These are Jim's legere.

    He says, "They are the original Old Glory limited edition series sculpted by the late Dave Alsop. I guess that you can still buy them if you ask Russ Dunaway for them – he will spin off a few sets."

    "The legere wearing the colpaks (busbies) are conversions, taking the head from the Connoisseur French Guard Horse Artillery and placing it on the torso of the Old Glory Limited Edition Legere figure."

    En avaant,


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