Saturday, December 10, 2011

Let Loose The Hornets!

Date: 5-9 December 1761/2011
Location: A Rasthaus Near Fulda, Germania
Situation: Column of March And Pursuit!
DECEMBER 5, 1761
A Gallian column of march waits for the order to march
at the Fulda Rasthaus; site of the battle two days earlier. For background see:

Staff Officer: "Oui Monsieur. This road will take you out of The Fulda Gap."
Aide Major d'Infanterie Orbs: "Do I have the order to march?"
Staff Officer. "Oui. Let loose your hornets."
Orbs: "To sting the foe!"

One battalion of the Fischer Legion will cover the column of march. 2/Grenadiers de France will follow. Off to the the right Battalion Albanie has formed in camp preparatory to joining the column.

2/Grenadiers de France's long ribbon of color.

Encamped Battalion Albanie awaits its turn to march.
We must assume many more brigades follow out of sight.

While two squadrons of Fischer Chasseurs a Cheval canter forward to take the lead as the most forward screen.

Watching the column form is Lady Diana Pettygree on Express, her grey.

Lady Pettygree: "I wish you success in your march Monsieur."
Lieutenant General Chevert: "Merci."

Pettygree: "I remind you Monsieur l'General, if I may, to look out for a black coach and four accented in red seen in the monstrous attack of two days ago? One year ago...."

Pettygree: "I saw the same coach when our activities were interrupted then. It's owner was protected in both years by ruffians wearing black with red facings and...."

Pettygree: "Now that I think of it again, I dimly recall a woman with flaxen hair present last year somehow associated with that dreadful day. I am told someone similar also appeared here two days ago in the battle."

DECEMBER 9, 1761
Four Days Later

Captain Eugene: "My Lady Pettygree!"
Lady Diana Pettygree: "News Captain?"
Eugene: "Oui. This morning...."

Eugene: "Three of our Chasseurs a Cheval encountered an angry peasant and...."

Chasseur Philippe: "Have you seen a black coach and four trimmed in scarlet?"

Peasant: "Ja, the swein. {Spitting} They took all my livestock and two horses with a promise to pay for them after the war. A beautiful woman mit flaxen hair sat inside the coach."

Peasant: "They rode away laughing.
Philippe: "Which way did they go?"
Peasant: "On this road here - toward - Hesse-Seewald."

Peasant: "I hope you find and drive them to ground - even if you are Gallian!"
Philippe: "This is our intention. Take some marks for your trouble courtesy of King Louis XV."

Eugene: "And so My Lady, the villains were en-route to Hesse-Seewald today."

Pettygree: "A pattern develops Captain and the fog begins to lift. Find that blackguard coach and deliver the owner to me Monsieur. Your reward will be beyond your dreams!

1. The above furthers our storyline in anticipation of the 4th Annual Winter Terrain Game set in the first quarter of the new year in Hesse-Seewald {Lake Forest at Der Alte Fritz's}.

2. Remarks welcome.


  1. To quote The Great Detective, "The game is afoot!", although it looks to me that the events are well in hand!

  2. "Find that blackguard coach and deliver the owner to me Monsieur. Your reward will be beyond your dreams!"
    Easier said than done, easier said than done....

  3. Lovely story and brilliantly posed photos - thanks very much.

  4. Off with a buzz - find those malcreants !

    Lovely piccies and story line

    -- Allan

  5. Alright. I'm hooked. Keep the story coming.


  6. Evil is all in the eye of the beholder. One man's bad guy is another man's hero.


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