Friday, December 2, 2011

4th Annnual BAR Light Troop Game Day

Date: 2 December 1761/2011
Location: A Rasthaus Near Fulda, Germania
Situation: Lady Diana Pettygree Arrives
December 3, 2011 is our 4th Annual Light Troop Game Day. Our emphasis is to use so-called light units a lot more than we usually do. There will be three tabletop actions with fourteen companionable players from MN, WI and IL.

The largest and most avant garde game is a fanciful Russian invasion of Persia because as we all know, the Czar vants a varm vater port. The smallest is a French and Indian War rescue operation adapted from Hawkeye's pursuit of Magua and his captives, Alice and Cora Munro.

The third engagement is a revival of the enigmatic troubles surrounding the cheerful and striking Lady Diana Pettygree. At Light Game Day #3, her maid Katherine was captured. See The Party Is Ruined:

Below we see....

Lady Pettygree in blue arrive at Fulda's Rasthaus with Lady Cherish Masquerade. Nearby - Colonel Enigma is apparently suspicious of something; his usual condition.

Lady Diana always travels in Germania with an escort. The de Saxe Lanciers and Bercheney Hussars may be seen off to the right whilst a half battalion of Arquebusiers de Grassin are deploying in a two-deep rank line.

The party rides toward the roadhouse gate as an ADC pays his respects.What does Colonel Enigma see?

Meanwhile a third friend, Lady Belle Silhouette, with her section of hussars dismounted leads roadhouse staff to a picnic ground. Their carbines are at the ready. Danger?

Close up of roadhouse staff and the aforementioned hussars. All will enjoy a late  luncheon and ponder the party planned for the morrow.

Later that night, Diana has lit candles to prepare for bed. Tomorrow's party will be superb. Trés magnifique.

As moonlight casts a blueish tint on the outside wall, we might ask, "I wonder what the Lady is thinking tonight, what merriment is she considering for the morrow tonight....And now in this idyllic setting let me wish you a very good night.

1. The Inn is being rereleased by Miniature Building Authoriity soon. See:

2. Kindly return in a few days to find out what happened - everywhere.

3. Hinterland makes the lovely dismounted female hussars. See:   Just recently, mounted versions were made available. Well done Jason! Take a look everyone for lots of very interesting miniatures to buy.

4. Your remarks below help make the blog more interesting for everyone.


  1. Looking so eagerly forward to enjoy the game report!
    Hopefully Milady de Winter is not far away?

    The Hinterland Hussarettes are excellent for their period, but I noticed last year that you took care to photograph them from some distance and *from the right angle* to hide the most typically 'late 19th C.' pieces of equipment :)
    Hopefully an enterprising manufacturer will produce 18thC. -> Napoleonic Hussarettes.


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