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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Let Loose The Hornets!

Date: 5-9 December 1761/2011
Location: A Rasthaus Near Fulda, Germania
Situation: Column of March And Pursuit!
DECEMBER 5, 1761
A Gallian column of march waits for the order to march
at the Fulda Rasthaus; site of the battle two days earlier. For background see:

Staff Officer: "Oui Monsieur. This road will take you out of The Fulda Gap."
Aide Major d'Infanterie Orbs: "Do I have the order to march?"
Staff Officer. "Oui. Let loose your hornets."
Orbs: "To sting the foe!"

One battalion of the Fischer Legion will cover the column of march. 2/Grenadiers de France will follow. Off to the the right Battalion Albanie has formed in camp preparatory to joining the column.

2/Grenadiers de France's long ribbon of color.

Encamped Battalion Albanie awaits its turn to march.
We must assume many more brigades follow out of sight.

While two squadrons of Fischer Chasseurs a Cheval canter forward to take the lead as the most forward screen.

Watching the column form is Lady Diana Pettygree on Express, her grey.

Lady Pettygree: "I wish you success in your march Monsieur."
Lieutenant General Chevert: "Merci."

Pettygree: "I remind you Monsieur l'General, if I may, to look out for a black coach and four accented in red seen in the monstrous attack of two days ago? One year ago...."

Pettygree: "I saw the same coach when our activities were interrupted then. It's owner was protected in both years by ruffians wearing black with red facings and...."

Pettygree: "Now that I think of it again, I dimly recall a woman with flaxen hair present last year somehow associated with that dreadful day. I am told someone similar also appeared here two days ago in the battle."

DECEMBER 9, 1761
Four Days Later

Captain Eugene: "My Lady Pettygree!"
Lady Diana Pettygree: "News Captain?"
Eugene: "Oui. This morning...."

Eugene: "Three of our Chasseurs a Cheval encountered an angry peasant and...."

Chasseur Philippe: "Have you seen a black coach and four trimmed in scarlet?"

Peasant: "Ja, the swein. {Spitting} They took all my livestock and two horses with a promise to pay for them after the war. A beautiful woman mit flaxen hair sat inside the coach."

Peasant: "They rode away laughing.
Philippe: "Which way did they go?"
Peasant: "On this road here - toward - Hesse-Seewald."

Peasant: "I hope you find and drive them to ground - even if you are Gallian!"
Philippe: "This is our intention. Take some marks for your trouble courtesy of King Louis XV."

Eugene: "And so My Lady, the villains were en-route to Hesse-Seewald today."

Pettygree: "A pattern develops Captain and the fog begins to lift. Find that blackguard coach and deliver the owner to me Monsieur. Your reward will be beyond your dreams!

1. The above furthers our storyline in anticipation of the 4th Annual Winter Terrain Game set in the first quarter of the new year in Hesse-Seewald {Lake Forest at Der Alte Fritz's}.

2. Remarks welcome.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lady de Winter Attacks Lady Diana Pettygree

Date: 3 December 1761/2011
Situation: 4th Annual Light Troop Game Day

Game #3: Fulda Roadhouse, Germania
This third game was our annual skirmish between the vendetta driven Lady de Winter and Lady Diana Pettygree.

French: Randy and Bill. De Winter's Force: Jim and Keith.
For the other two games see:
Réflexions et mémoires sur la  Diana Pettygree à la Bataille de Fulda

That day, December 3, 1761, commenced with happy expectations was shockingly ruined by a human storm of such suddenness that it defies credulity. As my ladies Masquerade and Silhouette accompanied me from the Fulda Roadhouse to a nearby wooded meadow, a continuous thunder of muskets and hooves arose from the South.

Our party guests immediately fled impeding our de Saxe Lanciers trying to ascertain what was the trouble. Lady Silhouette ordered her dismounted hussarettes to move within the tall trees toward the sound of the guns.

A mysterious foe clad mostly in black pressed toward the meadow as Silhouette's carbines were loaded. Too few. Oh too few carbines. Our Lanciers continued to be blocked, vexing them terribly. You can understand that I am sure.

When their path cleared, the charge was sounded. At the gallop they charged into the dark foe hurling them back. Bravo mes amis! Bravo!

Would you countenance the thought that delaying the charge was an advantage for us? Hardly but, it allowed time for a squadron of Bercheney Hussars to mount up and charge in support. The melee continued desperately for the longest time. {Three turns} Exhaustion found both sides falling back to reorganize. The threat here, for now was over but....

As Masquerade and I wearing my blue Royal Carabinier ensemble rode into the trees to check on our scattered guests I learned....

That the blackguard foe had brazenly cut down the petite four pounder cannon crew to the right of the wooded area. To their surprise though, Monsieur Bercheney personally led a second squadron of his hussars after them, charging, pursuing and scattering the ruffians from whence they came.

On the other side of the roadhouse, the intemperate foes at first advanced shockingly toward the camp of one of Brigadier Fischer's sleepy battalions. {Not shown.} Others galloped down the road where I with Lady Masquerade happened to be. {Not shown.} Fortunately their horses or ardour were no match for ours. We easily cantered {Evade rules.} around the building to that meadow I've mentioned. Later more of the enemy came on but withdrew as our infantry formed and advanced upon them.

Meanwhile, another of Monsieur Fischer's battalions countered a body of enemy foot. The latter had even entered the walled roadhouse enclosure with firebrands terrifying the few staff left there.

The ruffians charged our fusiliers. We held allowing time for both of the Fischer battalions to fight the foe front and to the rear with the bayonet. The foe succumbed.
{Note the second Fischer battalion coming on in the upper left of the image.}

Toward the end there was the greatest confusion and happiness. Infantry and horsemen of both sides engaged each other in final embraces. In the end we prevailed and....

Elsewhere some of Monsieur Fischer's horsemen countered and advanced upon unseen enemies in their view.

As the battle ended, I espied a familiar black coach and four protected by a Rear Guard in the distance. {On a Back Table.} I had seen it before - one year ago under similar circumstances.

Coincidence or?


1. Horsemen: French 89 and Mysterious foe: 96. Late in the game the French were reinforced by a 12 man squadron of Saxon von Brühl Dragoons riding from a screen some miles to the rear; too late to matter. Rather than specify an arrival turn, they arrived when it was 1:00pm in the afternoon real time; a nuance to get them in the game and speed turns along before their arrival.

2. Infantry: French 154 versus the foe at 156.

3. Artillery: French with a four pounder and the enemy with a three pounder.

4. One third of the French force was on duty near the roadhouse or in a screen to the south and east of the roadhouse. Another third were encamped unavailable until Turn 3. The last third was off table to the north unavailable until Turn 3.

5. Lady de Winter's force was allowed a move, fire and move on Turn 1 simulating a surprise attack. After this the French could move and fire or fire and move concluding Turn 1. Afterwards we reverted to card draw for move and fire.

6. This deWinter/Pettygree game was a little different in that forces were numerically reduced a lot to allow for more maneuver and to remove the sense that large armies were involved.

7. This was a see-saw engagement without formed battle lines as such. Kind of fun and different; the purpose of Light Troop Game Day #4 actually.

8. A follow-up story is ready to post in a few days. See you then.

9. Rules:  See Rules by Bill  at the upper left of the blog. We used Batailles de l'Ancien Régime (1740-1763).

10. Comments welcome as usual below, if you please.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Three Light Troop Games

Date: 3 December 1761/2011
Location #1: Magua's Village and Ft. William, New York
Location #2: En-Route To A Varm Vater Port, Persia
Location #3: Fulda Roadhouse, Germania (Report delayed)
Situation: 4th Annual Light Troop Game Day

Fourteen companionable friends from Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin
convened for Light Troop Game Day #4.

Seated left to right: Randy, Brent, Keith, Derrick, Chris, Earl and Curt.
Standing left to right: Bill, Michael, Todd, John, Chuck, Jim and Andrew.

The evolving purpose of Light Troop Game Day #4 was to use light troops and light troop tactics a lot more than we usually do. What did this mean on the 3rd. instant?

1. Cavalry: Cossacks, mounted jagers, light dragoons, lancers, irregular horsemen and hussars stiffened by occasional dragoons and horse grenadiers. Fielding dismounted horsemen was an option - if available.

2. Artillery: 3-4 pounders with ammunition carts.

3. Infantry: Irregulars, pandours, cossacks, light infantry of various types, legion infantry with intrinsic grenadiers. An occasional line battalion is allowed in smaller games.

4. Tactics: Use skirmish order a lot but not to the exclusion of close order drill.

Woodland Indians: Chuck.   French: Brent.  
Hawkeye: Todd.   Col Munro: Derrick.

Very early morning at Magua's mountaintop longhouse. No trouble is suspected. Alice and Cora Munro are captives inside the longhouse. Another captive, Major Heywood, is also sequestered.

Hawkeye, Uncas and Chingatchgook surprised the village, set fire to the longhouse, recovered all captives and begin to race away to the lower left. Photo: Michael M.

Aroused, Woodland Indians in nearby longhouses with Compagnies franches de la Marine pursue the colonials felling most of them. Time spent setting fire to the longhouse was the reason for not getting the captives safely away. Photo: Michael M.

Back home friends rally to the sound of gunfire in the distance. Photo: Michael M.

They stand guard near Fort William awaiting the return of Hawkeye, Uncas and Chingatchgook and the captives.

As Colonel Munro arrives behind them at Fort William to force the issue with Magua and assist in the recovery of his daughters. Fort William is a blockhouse.

There were roughly 30 redcoats, a light cannon and Colonial militia moving inland. However, when news arrived that the captives had been lost and Magua's longhouse was in flames, all retreated to a perimeter around Fort William awaiting attack. It came but was beaten off with the loss of the Trading Post; not shown. Photo: Michael M.

Unfortunately I did not take many photos of this game. Another participant did. When practicable for him, we may have some very exciting photos to show.

Persians: Curt, Earl and Andrew.
Russians: Michael, John and Chris.

The Russian Army formed an Advance Guard, Main Body and Rear Guard with baggage. Mission: Destroy a Persian magazine. Cognizant of this threat, a Persian Army indolently formed to stop the Russians.

First and only Persians to arrive were sixty Red Sash Muskets in skirmish order.

They saw the Advance Guard screened by Cossacks.
A few of the latter were taken out by Red Sash fire.

Red Sash Muskets and Cossacks at the top of the image. Meanwhile, a formidable body of Red Sash horsemen, forty-eight strong, arrived to flank the Russians!

Close up of the Advance Guard marching through the village.

No more skirmishing. Russian cavalry contends with Persian horsemen as the Russian Main Body enters the field.

The Russians advance versus little opposition even to the edge of The Main Table.

More cavalry action, this time versus the Persian Household.

Russian baggage protected by The Rear Guard marches onto The Main Table.

Russian left flank.

The Russian center has advanced onto The Persian Back Table.
The tower magazine is their objective.

Dice atop the tower indicate damage from artillery bombardment. The tower would collapse burying Persian ammunition stores.

At this point the Persians assumed defeat was at hand. This was particularly true due to indolent arrival of units. See item #1 below.


1. Have you debated the merits of command control or fog of war dynamics built into a set of rules? Participants in the Russia versus Persia game didn't need anything of the kind. The three Persian players did not deploy 72 swordsmen and 60 musket armed combatants. Given the entire force potentially could have numbered 500 to 600 miniatures, that's a lot. No command control dice were needed. Players did this on their own and good naturedly thought it was funny. All of us smiled companionably at their misfortune.

2. Persian units were identified by sash color. Suspicions arose when the Green Sash Leader was deployed and there were no green sash troops. This happened about one hour before we ended our game day; too late to matter.

3. Some adept readers will notice a similarity between our fanciful Persians and the Thugees opposing General Pettygree on his blog.

4. The Russian Army numbered approximately 500 miniatures.

The third report about the mysterious skirmish near the Fulda Gap Rasthaus will appear in a few days. Meanwhile, enjoy the above and be sure to visit Michael's blog report.

-- Come Back In A Few Days For Report #3 --

Comments welcome below.

Friday, December 2, 2011

4th Annnual BAR Light Troop Game Day

Date: 2 December 1761/2011
Location: A Rasthaus Near Fulda, Germania
Situation: Lady Diana Pettygree Arrives
December 3, 2011 is our 4th Annual Light Troop Game Day. Our emphasis is to use so-called light units a lot more than we usually do. There will be three tabletop actions with fourteen companionable players from MN, WI and IL.

The largest and most avant garde game is a fanciful Russian invasion of Persia because as we all know, the Czar vants a varm vater port. The smallest is a French and Indian War rescue operation adapted from Hawkeye's pursuit of Magua and his captives, Alice and Cora Munro.

The third engagement is a revival of the enigmatic troubles surrounding the cheerful and striking Lady Diana Pettygree. At Light Game Day #3, her maid Katherine was captured. See The Party Is Ruined:

Below we see....

Lady Pettygree in blue arrive at Fulda's Rasthaus with Lady Cherish Masquerade. Nearby - Colonel Enigma is apparently suspicious of something; his usual condition.

Lady Diana always travels in Germania with an escort. The de Saxe Lanciers and Bercheney Hussars may be seen off to the right whilst a half battalion of Arquebusiers de Grassin are deploying in a two-deep rank line.

The party rides toward the roadhouse gate as an ADC pays his respects.What does Colonel Enigma see?

Meanwhile a third friend, Lady Belle Silhouette, with her section of hussars dismounted leads roadhouse staff to a picnic ground. Their carbines are at the ready. Danger?

Close up of roadhouse staff and the aforementioned hussars. All will enjoy a late  luncheon and ponder the party planned for the morrow.

Later that night, Diana has lit candles to prepare for bed. Tomorrow's party will be superb. Trés magnifique.

As moonlight casts a blueish tint on the outside wall, we might ask, "I wonder what the Lady is thinking tonight, what merriment is she considering for the morrow tonight....And now in this idyllic setting let me wish you a very good night.

1. The Inn is being rereleased by Miniature Building Authoriity soon. See:

2. Kindly return in a few days to find out what happened - everywhere.

3. Hinterland makes the lovely dismounted female hussars. See:   Just recently, mounted versions were made available. Well done Jason! Take a look everyone for lots of very interesting miniatures to buy.

4. Your remarks below help make the blog more interesting for everyone.