Thursday, November 17, 2011

Opening Gambit In Iberia

Date: 17 Noviembre 1810/2011
Location: Near Pueblo Lago Bosque (Lake Forest)
Situation: ALARM!
Der Alte Fritz (Jim P.) and I experimentally modified Batailles les de l'Ancien Régime {BAR} for our 1:10 Napoleonics three years ago. In June 2011 we somehow spontaneously decided to move from central Europe to Iberia. In my case I never forgot the intriguing articles about the campaigns in Spain written by Donald Featherstone. As it turns out, Jim has been interested similarly. Permit us the honour therefore, to present our....

Courier Lieutenant Bell: "Take this to Marrón Ciervos Sir? I mean Brown Deer?"

Major Hyde: "Yes ... take that dispatch to divisional headquarters there ... but ... wait for this next one I'm writing as well. The general has got to know."

Indeed, the general does have to know. The enemy is breaching the defile below. 

In earnest it seems.

Later that morning an officer wearing an undress coat quietly walks his horse from a stall of the Posada de Marrón Ciervos. (Brown Deer Inn)

Major General William Justinian Pettygree.

Moments later Lieutenant Bell arrived with dispatches followed by....

Major General Lord Henry Paget

Pettygree: "The French are a foot. Time to assemble your Light Brigade, Sir."

Paget: "Very good General. Confusion and defeat to 'em and all of Boney's blighters."

An hour later the brigade assembled. The 15th Hussars are formed in the lower right whilst the 16th Light Dragoons are posted near the top of the image. A shore party of Royal Marines is also preparing to march. 

Pettygree: "Lieutenant Bell. Ride fast with that dispatch to Colonel Eddrington. Get his 83rd Foot and the Rifle contingent on the road to Lago Bosque. They must march at once."

Pettygree: "Lord Paget, Sir! ... If you please, ride your brigade to Lago Bosque picking up the RHA battery along the way."

Paget: "Aye General. There's not a moment to lose!

Closing Remarks:

1. You Sirs are invited to ride vicariously with us, if you please.

2. Will Pettygree, Paget and Eddrington stop, slow or be repulsed by the forces of Bones-Apart at Lago Bosque?

3. The tabletop game scheduled on 19 Noviembre at Jim's hacienda will answer that interrogative.

4. Your comments are welcome below.

Bill P.


  1. I do hope nothing happens to General Pettygree, lest the future be disrupted! Still, I must in truth offer a resounding Vive l'Empereur!

  2. This do look like fun! Those light horse make a fine show, too.

    Quaere: where did those guidons come from? Is there any good online info about them?

    Ion (Archduke Piccolo)

  3. Cher Michael,
    Merci mon ami.
    Dear Ion,
    Thank you and for the guidons....

  4. There's not a moment to be lost - forward gentlemen, forward!


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