Saturday, October 29, 2011

29 October NEWS!


For fun several pards from Australia, Canada, the UK and the USA voluntarily decided to paint and finish something in approximately sixty days. My choice included the 15th Hussars (25) and an indeterminate number of general staff officers for service in The Peninsular. The 15th was completed a few days ago. Huzzah and Tally-Ho!

The general staff is underway with less than a week to go. Return before the 5th proximo to see photographic evidence if I make the deadline or not. I am determined to succeed.

The 15th will join the 16th Light Dragoons (25) completed two months ago shown in recent posts below to form General Paget's Light Cavalry Brigade to discombobulate Bones-apart's invaders in a tabletop game at Der Alte's Fritz's on 19 November.


Apparently there is enigmatic evidence to believe the Gallian Army will launch a winter offensive versus Der Alte Fritz of Hesse-Seewald. Gallian General Chevert is said to be stirring at the magazine at Frankfurt Am Main. Der Alte seems to be sleeping. Chevert could steal a march on him. Personally I think Chevert will finally get through The Fulda Gap. Return in mid-November to learn more.

A new photo story is percolating.