Saturday, May 7, 2011

Two Battles For Colburg

Date: 7 May 1761/2011
Location: Port of Colburg, East Prussia
Situation: Port Under Attack - Relief Force Coming
Rules: Batailles de l'Ancien Régime 1740-1763 {BAR}
For best vicarious viewing, double click photos, if you please.
For the past few years I've hosted a "Belated Birthday Game Day" with a minimum of two games for a larger than usual cast of friends. On this occasion the table had two sections separated by a wooded ridge transition zone. Though the ridge was only about 12" wide, it separated the two sections by a half day's march. This is a convenient model railroad technique to change scenes even though visually adjacent. So when you view the two scenes, imagineer they are actually faaaaar apart.

Seated left to right: George R., Morgan E., Randy F. and Brent O. Standing left to right: Bill P., Jim H., Jim P. Der Alte Fritz, Todd P., Keith L. and Dan E.

Hours previous to this we uncorked a bottle of wine toasting ourselves as "We happy few." We are blessed to have such a companionable gamer's group. Thank you Gentlemen for being part of my belated birthday! Let's gather again in 2012.

Prussians defend works on a Back Table. Off screen to the left is the Baltic Sea. To the right is more of Colburg and....

Two artistic bread ovens from the collection of Randy F. made by Ed Phillips.

Colburg was protected by fieldworks. The port is off screen upper right. The Baltic Sea is off screen at the top. A hint of the transition zone mentioned previously appears at the bottom.

Viewed from the opposite direction.... "The Russians are coming. The Russians are coming. Everybody to get from street." Anyone remember these movie lines?

Drums beating.  Flags flying.  Steady.  Resolute.  Ever forward.

Get off the beaches quickly and --- CHARGE!

Russian forces advance toward Prussian and British defenders elsewhere.

Rightmost Russians formed a column of attack. This was the preferred means to assault works in the 18th Century. This battalion on loan from John B. was my personal command today. Sometimes it worked....

Like this!  Brave Russians.

And like -- THIS!   You believe me don't you?

Routed! Well. It will make a great painting in St. Petersburg - in a basement. "But Czar Peter my battalion preoccupied many enemy units and....

More Russian success breaching the field works would also eventually fail.

While near the beach, Russians there were also repulsed. Fate.

A well-deserved victory went to the Prussians with their British allies defending Colburg field works. Congratulations to George, Keith and Dan who were very gentlemanly to the defeated Todd, Morgan and yours truly, Bill. We had a great time!

Prodigious thank yous to Michael M. who regrettably could not attend the game and allowed his Russian Army to participate in his stead.

A Prussian force enters a defile blocked by French allies of the Russians besieging Colburg. More of the transition zone appears at the photo bottom.

Viewed from the opposite direction, more Prussians enter the defile.

Viewing from the transition zone again, the Prussians flood the defile.

 Der Alte Fritz (left) leans over the table.

Opposite him Randy (center) and Brent (right) respectively take care of French military activities.

 The Prussian extreme right flank.

Right center of the Prussian Army.

 Left center of the Prussian Army.

Left flank of the Prussian Army.

The Prussian mission to shove the French off The Main Table onto The Back Table with sufficient blue coats gaining The Back Table did not occur. During the last turn the massive Prussian cavalry attack in the center was repulsed, routed, and cut down by pursuing French horse.

Jim P. and Jim H. professionally commanded the Prussians whilst Randy and Brent capably officered the victorious French.

1. Buildings by Miniature Building Authority.
2. Field words by JR Miniatures. 15mm by the way.
3. Terrain Guy in Texas made the table covering in a custom length for us.
4. BAR rules available from
5. Remarks welcome below by anyone - especially - by our participants.