Friday, January 28, 2011

Battle on the Protzfeld

A squadron of Bosniaks escort King Friedrich II through the town of Protzdorf, as he attempts to define the flank of the Russian and Austrian army in Silesia.

On a cold Winter's day, somewhere in Silesia, circa 1761, advance elements of the King of Germania's army is on a reconnaissance to locate the whereabouts of the allied army of Austrians, Russians and Saxons that are on the move. They are making a bold attempt to seize Breslau, the jewel of Frederick's Silesian province.

However, Major General von Zieten's hussar screen has located the Russian contingent near the town of Protzdorf . So Zieten duly leads His Highness on a scouting trip, early in the morning, to locate the enemy flank.

"There they are!" exclaims the King from his forward position atop the Galgenberg hill. With that, he snaps his telescope closed and issues orders to get the Royal Army in motion and gain a march, and hopefully surprise, the enemy forces.

Duke of Bevern's Brigade
IR5 Alt Brauschweig
IR18 Prinz von Preussen
IR19 Margraf Karl
IR20 von Bornstedt
2 x 6lb artillery pieces

Leopold von Anhalt Dessau's Brigade
IR24 von Schwerin
IR34 Prinz Ferdinand
IR42 Margraf Friedrich fusiliers
IR12 Alt Darmstadt
2 x 6lb artillery pieces

King Friedrich's Reserve
IR6 Grenadier Garde
IR15/III Lieb Garde
(5/20) Jung Billerbeck Grenadier Btn
Jager Btn (48)
Escort Squadron - Bosniaken (1 sqd)
3 x 12 lb Brummers

Von Seydlitz's Cavalry Brigade
CR8 von Seydlitz Cuirassiers (5 sqds)
CR10 Gensdarmes Cuirassiers 5 sqds)
CR13 Garde du Corps Cuirassiers (3 sqds)
DR2 Jung Krakow Dragoons (5 sqds)
HR2 von Zieten Hussars (2 sqds)

It is a highly experienced army that King Friedrich commands today. He has chosen his best regiments to create a "flying column" to head off the allies and keep them off the road to Breslau. The action should commence early tomorrow morning. What will happen? Come back tomorrow for the answer.

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