Monday, November 29, 2010

Bridging The Main River

Date: 29 November 1760 (2010)
Location: Main River
Situation: En-route To Frankfurt Am Main And Elsewhere
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Gallian forces and personalities are preparing for our annual light troop game. Randy and I raised the entire Legion de Fischer in 2009-2010. My half appears below.
Dismounted Chasseurs A Cheval and a Light 4 Pounder Gun lead The Legion across one of Germania's many streams, in this case The Main River.

Horses are being held near the stream while 1st Battalion sends its chasseurs a pied and grenadiers across. Mounted dragoons wait in the rear.

1/Fischer Dragoons and four divisions of the battalion pause awaiting orders.

Overhead view of the crossing

As the crossing continued two troops of Lanciers de Saxe arrived escorting an entourage from the court of Gallian King Louis XV. They are bound for a party at Frankfut Am Main.

From left to right: Lady Cherish Masquerade, Lady Diana Pettygree, Lady Belle Silhouette and Maid Katherine. Wait! The party slows turning toward the building.

Silhouette: "Diana. Who is that in a mist?"
Masquerade: "Oh no. It is...."
Katherine: "That Old Woman, my ladies. She always warns of trouble and...."
Diana: "Yes. Have a care my dears not to look away lest she disappear before giving us her warning. I...."
That Old Woman: "Bound for Germany thee are. Heed my words. Turn back lest a winter storm overtakes you. The winter, the winter the winter is coming."
Silhouette: "Nonsense! The region is as green as Springtime."

Narrator: A moment later the ladies barely looked away and in that blink of an eye the apparition or whatever they saw vanished - as usual. A search of the house revealed no one home. Silhouette not having experienced this before was the most confounded. The others knew to be on the watch from now on. But for what?
1. Chasseurs A Cheval are Eureka Saxons.
2. Most of 1/Battalion and the Dragoons are Front Rank.
3. Minden Miniatures supplied the workmen I've made into Pontoniers.
4. The 4 Pounder is from Elite Miniatures.
5. Ammo Wagon is probably Hinchliffe.
6. Fischer Chasseurs A Pied are Scrubys.
7. Artillery Crew is from Redoubt.
8. Terrain Guy supplied the terrain covering and custom river. Custom because I asked for sections 3' long to minimize seams.
9. Pontoons and their wagons are probably Miniature Figurines from the 1980s. The pontoons are painted copper color because a source now long forgotten said Saxon or ? were made of copper. The wagons were originally painted for my Saxon Army.
10. Flag Dude flags are fictional. There are no records so I made them up.
11. Your remarks are very welcome below.


  1. ...I do like to see how others use their pontoon and baggage figures - inspiring as ever Bill...

  2. Ah, and such charming baggage :-)

    As a matter of interest, whose de Saxe Lancers figures are those? I also need a regiment

  3. Who made the female figs? These look quite charming and I'm looking for some for my own campaigns



  4. Ah yesh ... another party with Lady Pettygree!
    General Woad will be ecstatic.
    Just in time to run into the vile Stagonian plot too!

  5. Marvelous dioramas and vignettes as usual!

    Good to read again about Lady Pettygree and the oncoming (black?) winter storm...

  6. Lanciers de Saxe, Silhouette, Pettygree and Katherine are Edward Suren (Willie) 30mms available from Tradition of London.
    Lady B. Silhouette may be obtained wearing a mirliton (not busby). See the Napoleon in Egypt range.
    Lady Masquerade is a one of a kind made for me by John Ray. She is the only one there is and will be.
    That Old Woman might be Front Rank. Can't remember. 28mm.
    Thank you for your remarks Gentlemen,

  7. I always enjoy the appearances of the "Old Woman".

    Nice figures and dioramas as always, sir.

    -- Jeff

  8. Great river crossing scene, what further adventures will LAdy Pettigrew and her entourage have ?

    -- Allan


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