Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chapter 2 of 3: Der Hurtshog En Bataille

Date: 22 June 1760/2010
Location: A Tannes Mountain Pass/Defile
Where Exactly?  North Of Frankfurt Am Main
Situation: Rebel Force Found And Engaged
Also See: June 9 entry for prior history leading to this action
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Courier: "I beg to report Your Excellency, the Rebel Force is observed and upon its march not one hour behind me. Descending the pass Sire."
Der Hurtshog Artur von Frankzonia: "Good. Goooood. My compliments to you Lt. Gen. Armentieres and if you please, clear for action!"
Armentieres doffing his tricornerd hat: "We shall make it so, Your Highness."

The Rebel Commander, John, descends the pass entering a narrowing of the defile.

Artur: Well, that's what I used to say when serving with the Rhine River Flotilla years ago. Old habits.
Armentieres: Oui. Your brigade is deploying  now.

Chuck as Armentieres moves forward toward the rebels. The Gallian Régiment Royale leads the way and...

appear to desire to charge as the first motion. Good? Perhaps. Exciting? YES! The near rebel battalion is disordered by terrain. It's the right moment....

But no! A clever ruse de l'guerre to stall the rebel march. Moments before a left about by fives was ordered and the regiment retired.

First shots from 2/Grenadiers de France assisting Artur's battle-group. The opponents are rebel jagers. In the distance the Hurtshog's Garde Grenadier advance and will soon engage more jagers.

While more rebel forces march toward the sound of battle. The defile troubles their order.

As the firefight becomes general near to far, the Royals return to charge at the gallop and....
Closing Remarks
1. A small fast game.
2. Three battalions and a regiment of breastplated horse per side.
3. Game Start: 7:25pm.
4. Game Conclusion: 8:45pm. The last photo is about 40 minutes into the game.
5. Rules: Batailles de l'Ancien Régime 1740-1763 known as BAR.
6. Return soon for the conclusion.
7. Comments welcome below. Let's talk.


  1. Splendid figures and terrain! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Fantastic stuff this and very inspiring,keep it coming and please tell us more about BAR.



  3. Batailles de l'Ancien Régime or BAR is an easy-playing and flexible game system ideally for 15 to 30mm miniatures. A variety of organizational systems work with the rules. No one has to rebase. For more see or click on the link at the left under the heading Rules and Savory For Sale.

  4. Bill's rules are great, and perfect for this size of battle.
    Exciting stuff here too!!
    But charging cavalry into formed infantry???
    I hope they achieve something useful.
    I'd expected the jaegers would try to get more to the flank and fire from the hills ... how are they doing mano a mano with the tall mitres?


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