Friday, June 25, 2010

Chapter 3 of 3: Schlacht Bei Tannesberg Ended

Date: 22 June 1760/2010
Location: A Tannes Mountain Pass/Defile
Where Exactly? North Of Frankfurt Am Main
Situation: Rebel Force Found And Engaged
Also See: June 9 and 23 entries for prior history
Sirs, if you please, click on photos 1-2 times to enlarge them
Our last entry left us hanging with a just commenced cavalry versus infantry mélée.

Rebel foot give fire thinning Gallian Régiment Royale. They are part of a Gallian contingent assisting Der Hurtshog Artur von Frankzonia quell a seditious assault on his prerogative.

And now we see the result of swordplay. The rebels pay for their sedition, lose heavily, check morale.....

and hold! The horsemen elect to rally back (off screen right). They could have remained to mélée again next turn but Lt. Colonel  l'Comte de Lichey pulled back - perhaps because a rebel regiment of heavy horse began to appear not far away (off screen left).

Indeed, that regiment of horse did come forward and then withdrew to cover the withdrawal of the rebel force. See them in the upper middle in white coats. Der Hurtshog Artur is seen riding bravely forward in front of 1/Grenadiers de France. His Brigade de Guerre moves forward consolidating.

Artur may be seen on the left. His Garde Grenadier are on the right moving through light woods. To their left is 2/Grenadiers de France. In the foreground are l'Comte de Lichey and, -- I can't say.

Artur moves forward joining the commander of 1/Grenadiers de France to watch enemy horsemen ride away seemingly on a collision course with the blue coats atop the rise.

The enemy cavalry commander salutes his opponents with his tricornered hat.

Meanwhile the blue coat battalion opened an interval to allow the horsemen to pass through them. Two of the battalions central divisions previously about faced, marched to the rear, faced and marched outwards  halting behind battalion flank divisions. All proper drill per the era. Well-done!

It's time to close the interval. The previously withdrawn divisions retrace their steps and....

Reform an ordered three rank line ready to meet Artur's advance. However....

Der Hurtshog has other ideas!

Artur: "Advance the guns!" They will deploy in the space just ahead while....

On the right the battalion gun assigned to the Garde Grenadiers also moves forward.

On the far left flank, 1/Grenadiers de France await orders from Artur. A moment later....

Artur sagt,: "FEUER!

Rebel jagers appear unconcerned. Nearby.... 

Two red coated senior officers look on. Are they Britannian advisers, paymasters, commanders or?

They are difficult to see. It matters little for the Aide de Camp clearly heard Artur say, "They did not pass!"
Closing Remarks
1. This was a fun game. Hopefully it worked into Arthur's campaign. Certainly l'Comte de Bastille, the Gallian Intendant back in Frankfurt Am Main will be delighted. Super delighted if it were possible.
2. It also is the smallest BAR game, we've played, roughly 200 miniatures per side. No problem.
3. Losses were 2:1 in favor of Artur; roughly 92 for the rebels and about half that for Artur.
4. The game ended shortly after the infantry versus cavalry mélée. Photos after this were staged by yours truly to end the story and to show how it was possible to withdraw cavalry through an infantry line.
5. Thank you Arthur. Get well soon!
6. Thank you Chuck and John - the Tuesday night game crew. Well done!
7. Comments welcome next as usual -- below.


  1. Excellent illustrated report, as usual! (even if it was a "small" game! ha ha)

  2. Magnificent....however, those redcoated officers are clearly Eclesiarchs in the Order of the Bloodied Martyr - beware! They are insidious and everywhere - look what is happening to the Defiant Principality and in Lifonlia - the Ordo seeps everywhere...


  3. Fabuloso, a most entertaining battle report

    -- Allan

  4. A delightful little action, superbly documented!


  5. A beautiful thing to behold...

  6. And a real joy ... Frankszonia finally wins one!!
    And I didn't have to get Edie to roll the dice for me!!
    As usual, I remain quite impressed by the standard of painting of most of the folks here. My efforts are usually not nearly so nice and dramatic.
    It looks as if I'm going to have to do the third battle as a paper exercise, alas.

    Bill's interpretation of the Hurtshog's intentions and reactions was great ... no need to try to eliminate the foe (and I suspect that trying to crunch into such a well drilled line would have been very, very painful!).

    The Story Advances!!
    Thanks enormously!

  7. Thank you Everyone,
    We had a very pleasant evening. John and Chuck were the ones commanding, moving units and throwing dice. I acted as Judge and photographer. Bon chance to Arthur's health and campaign!

  8. A very handsome game and very entertaining. Even if the dastardly frog eaters won.


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