Monday, March 29, 2010

Mollwitz Right Flank at SYWA Assn. 27th Weekend

Situation: 27th Seven Years' War Assn. Annual Weekend
Date: March 26-27, 2010
Location: South Bend, Indiana USA, Ramada Inn Downtown
Topic: Right Flank of Jim/Der Alte Fritz's Leuthen Game
Why the right flank? That's where yours truly was posted commanding his Saxon Rutowski Chevauleger Regiment under wing commander Brent Olson. I also judged this sector of the game. Jim (Der Alte Fritz) took more photos of the entire battle for his blog which will hopefully appear in due course. Consider this just a brief movie trailer, if you please until these appear. Kindly click on images to make them fill your screens. And now....

The snowy right flank at Leuthen. Austrian kürassiers approach Prussian dragoons.

That's Tom Miller patiently awaiting the Austrian onslaught.

The foes collide! Can your hear/imagine the collision?

Both sides won and lost several rounds of combat with the Prussians gaining advantages and pushing back the Austrians until the Rutowski Chevaulegers and more küassiers reinforce and in turn force the Prussians back. (Not shown.)

The Austrian and Saxon cavalry was forced to withdraw off screen to the left, onto a back table and afterwards through the wall of the room by these Prussian Infantry Battalions. There was no way to hold ground against these steady blue coats.

Here you see the town of Leuthen left of the Austrian and Saxon cavalry. In a few turns in spite of heroic defensive fire and the inability of the Prussian Garde to knock down the gate to Leuthen Church, yours truly ordered the withdrawal of all allied forces onto the back table. A clear Prussian victory. We don't get many draws using Batailles de l'Ancien Régime rules (BAR for short).

The next day I took one photo of our experienced game-master Der Alte Fritz on the left flank at Mollwitz. He presided over two excellent what if scenarios, (Leuthen and Mollwitz) featuring a lot of back and forth action, suspense, heroics, fun, laughter and gorgeous miniatures ensembled on captivating winter terrain from his collection. No glum faces in these two games and 5-6 people played in both games. 
The scenario guru, Der Alte Fritz!
Closing Remarks
1. I would appreciate all the players in the two BAR games making comments below. Let's talk to keep the fun and memories going!
2. Others too.