Saturday, December 26, 2009

Game Cancelled! So Instead....

December 26th. was supposed to be a game day with our new 1806ish Napoleonics at the home of Der Alte Fritz. Several weather and health issues regrettably discombobulated all of us. Hopefully Der Alte will reschedule soon.

In preparation for the game I read portions of Paddy Griffiths, French Napoleonic Infantry Tactics 1792-1815. (Osprey Elite Series Booklet #159) In order to do something Napoleonic tonight I returned to Paddy's remarks and diagrams from the 1791 Réglement concernant l'exercice et les manoeuvres de l'infanterie as follows:    (Click on photos so each fills your screen.)

From 1791 to 1808, battalions consisted of nine companies. One was grenadier; usually absent. Above are eight center companies in a three rank line with centered battalion flag and NCO guards. Behind and also centered are all the drummers with the battalion commander. Two officers and two NCOs  form a fourth rank to help keep the men in line and in order.

The battalion from a different angle. Four converged grenadier companies are in support on the left flank.

A closer look at the grenadiers. Each company  was stripped away from its parent battalion for a special service needing higher quality soldats.

Back to the line battalion again. "En Avant mes amis!"

It's 1792, here anyway. A Prussian battalion tops the distant rise.

Qui sont-ils? Who are they?
Closing Remarks:
1. Our French battalions are not sized as shown. I merged eight center companies from two battalions to form one battalion from the 1791 regulation.
2. The next installment will show a 1791 battalion column.
3. Miniatures are 25mm Dixons with some Old Glory command personnel too. I really like the design of the leaning mounted officer.
4. French painted by Reinforcements By Post.


  1. Thanks Bill; I read Griffith's book recently and it's fascinating to see it brought to life. The French appear to be on circular bases, about the size of an English penny, which I've not seen you do before, if I remember correctly.

    Sorry to hear about the various obstacles and hope that the game can be rescheduled.


  2. Thanks, Bill, I rather like these Dixon figures and have some painted in the mid blue and black uniforms of the Spanish Borbon Regiment - however that battalion is only 36 muskets strong..

    Duke of Baylen

  3. Bill,

    Excellent pictures. Really brings to life the "proper" formation of the times. Thanks,


  4. Thank you Sirs,
    for your remarks.
    Steve G., yes the circular bases are so-called fender washers with a 3/4" diameter.
    John, I was and remain pleasantly surprised and contented by the Dixon range with bicornered hats. I thought it would be visually fun to have an eight company battalion at lease in the photo vignette if not in a game.
    Steve The W., a second photo vignette is posted above dated 27 December. A third is rattling around in my thoughts now.
    Jim Col. C., we are simpatico.


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