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5 December 1759/2009 viewed from the French side.
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Left Flank: The ultimate goal of the French flanking force was the Pegasus Bridge. A piquet of soldiers stealthily walked within the woods beside the Brittlebach and waited for their moment to rush the bridge. Only one third of the force arrived before Turn 1. The rest straggled behind in the woods arriving later.

Left Flank: In quieter moments days before the battle, The Pegasus Bridge guard is apparently asleep or unconcerned in nearby tents whilst a larger camp farther away also appears too quiet. Subsequent French reconnaissance revealed a sleepy and mostly inert von Kleist Freikorps posted there with the mission to guard this bridgehead east of the Brittlebach.

Left Flank: On 5 December the French Legion de Fischer supported by the celebrated Bercheney Hussars and by the Jacobite emigre battalion Albanie hurled themselves onto the bridgehead. They ignored a piquet of Doubleblues posted as a tripwire along a tributary of the Brittlebach (foreground). The bridge is to the right of the supply wagon in the upper right corner of the photograph. Unseen there in cover was a piquet of Albanie (24) that infiltrated secretly to the bridge, later attacked and captured it from the bridge guard.

Center Left Side: Beyond the Brittlebach (off screen left of the photo) and the Brittlebach Ridge, we view the main French Army arriving to assault the town of Brittlestadt. In the foreground a Russian battalion marches forward supported to its right by Swiss. A battalion of French Converged Grenadiers is to their rear. In the distance we go to the....

Center Right Side: There is mischief afoot. The Saxon von Brühl Dragoons (4 squadrons) are boiling into the defile to take the Prussians in the western zone in the flank. The redcoats are a second battalion of Swiss while blue coats are two battalions of Grenadiers de France. This will be a serious threat!

Center Right Side: Close up of The Defile!

Right Flank: The plain below the Protzen Heights. A stately affair here.

Right Flank Right Side: On the Protzen Heights the dreaded Black Hussars have somehow arrived at the top and are bent on mischief.

Left Flank: At a mid-point Battlegames Teaser #1 was being read.

Left Flank: The French have advanced as far as the woods and are going to turn right toward the bridge. This force was on a side table. See previous post for photos of the side table.

Left Flank: Meanwhile at Pegasus Bridge , our glider, err, I mean, Albanie Piquet (far side) is being counter attacked by enraged von Kleist light troops. The cart is full of explosives to blow the bridge but the Albanies dispatched a section of Prussian engineers that had been setting charges. Result? The Albanies were routed and the Prussians were able to retreat across the bridge. Where is Lovat when needed?

Center Left Side: Very late in the battle. Not much left for either force contesting the center.

Center Far Right Side: In The Defile the Prussians turned the tables on the French and beat them back.

Right Flank: Each side has now pulled back to rest. But the Prussians (upper left) would soon advance.

Far Right Flank: Atop The Protzen Heights, the French have pushed back the Black Hussars.
Closing Remarks:
  • Rich "The Main Judge" decreed the French scored a minor victory on their left flank, the center was a major win for the Prussians and the right was a draw. Thus, a Prussian win.
  • L'affair Pegasus was adapted from the British glider and commando attack on The Pegasus Bridge of 6 June, 1944 as depicted in the motion picture, The Longest Day.
  • Each game sector played at its own speed. The Pegasus Zone moved faster than players in the Center and Right. This did not matter and it helped keep everyone busy. No waiting for others to catch up.
  • When soldiers entered a different zone, they entered time and turns of the entered zone.
  • Left (Pegasus) Zone participants were Prussians Earl and Curt versus French Mike and Chuck. A big free for all with lots of maneuver and surprises. This was mostly an affair of light troops.
  • Center Zone participants were Prussians Rich, George and Derrick opposed by John the Russian and Chris the Swiss, etc. etc. A classic linear battle between two brigades per side.
  • Western Zone participants were Prussians Jim and Keith battling French Randy and Don. A combination linear and light troop battle.
  • Game Start: 11:00am.
  • Lunch: 1:00pm
  • Game Finish: 5:15pm
  • Miniatures: Almost 2,000 and we reached a conclusion.
  • Everyone brought a small beverage or snack to share. Sloppy Joe's were provided by the host.
  • This was the first and hopefully not the last time we had a portion of snacks as healthy stuff; veggies and dip brought by John. Chris brought grapes in the form of two bottles of wine. Then there were "Donna cookies" scratch made by Keith's wife. And and and....
  • Rules: {BAR} Batailles de l'Ancien Régime (1740-1763) linked in the upper left of this blog.
  • Der Alte Fritz took photos of the Western Zone on and near the Protzen Heights. May I recommend you to his blog when he hopefully posts photos and remarks there?
  • Comments welcome next. Remarks from participants welcome for a different view and?
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