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Rendezvous {Act 2} is the second in a series of background stories. Act 2 will be followed on a future occasion by Acts 3, 4 and so forth. In between, other stories will interrupt the sequence. Act {1} appeared 22 February 2009 and Act 2 Scene 1 was shown commencing 1 June 2009 here. We recommence the latter with Scene 2. Click on photographs to enlarge them.

As the curtain rises three masked villains are bent on malevolence. But what?

Shots continue to be fired at the end of town. One man has been struck. Outside Capitaine Malecki's residence Lady Diana Pettygree (left in blue), her particular friend Lady Cherish Masquerade (in grey and pink), Maid Catherine (turned about), Capitaine Malecki (Rgt. de la Reine) and two young women are in peril. It is the moment of decision.
Malecki: "LADIES! Turn about and take cover!"

They instantly obey. The masked men follow drawing unfired pistols from their belts. But what's this? Capitaine Malecki's personal guard has formed up near the rear of his residence. He orders:
"Prenez garde a vous!" {Attention}
"Portez vos armes" {Shoulder arms}
"Haut les armes." {Port arms}
"Appretez vos armes." {Ready your arms}
"En joue." {Aim}


"FEU!" {FIRE!}

One villain falls while the others ride away.
One soldier is hit.
The La Reines fire again and miss.

The survivors ride for the road out of town when a body of Fusiliers de Fischer rise up from behind cover. Trapped! The Gallian commander demands their surrender.
Villain Leader: "NEVER!" Both fire another pistol.

The Fusiliers fire. A second scoundrel drops. The rogue leader attempts to jump a hedge to get away.

Too late. He realizes escape is impossible. Gallian infantrymen converge on him as a troop of mounted Dragoons de Fischer block his line of retreat.
Gallian Officer: "Surrender Sir!" He does.

Malecki: "Drop your weapons, Rogue!"

Moments later the Ladies Pettygree, Masquerade, Catherine and l'Comte de Bastille (in blue) escort an elegant young woman finely dressed in black and green from within Bastille's residence.

Bastille: "Your Highness, the plan worked. May I congratulate you?"
Tradgardland Prinzessin Alisona: "Oui Monsieur l'Intendant. A fine scheme Monsieur l'Comte. [Pause] Monsieur, when is a trap - truly - a trap?
Bastille: "When the perpetrators are themselves snared in their own net. [Pause] And now, if I may take your leave for a moment."
Alisona: "Surely, you may."
Bastille: "Take that scalawag and his wounded comrades to Frankfurt Am Main and throw them in my Bastille. We'll soon discover who has employed them."
The curtain falls and quickly reascends presenting!

In green: Fusiliers and Dragoons de Fischer. (Front Rank)
The flag is made up. (Flag Dude) We know of no flags for the Legion de Fischer yet.
In white: Capitaine Malecki's guard from Rgt. de la Reine. (Redoubt)

The trio of villains. (Outpost Miniatures Highwayman Collection artfully painted and kindly on loan from the studio of l'Comte de Artois; Randy F.)

The ladies left to right:
Catherine (Suren), Cherish (John R.)and Diana (Suren)
Alisona (Front Rank)
Gallian Agents (Conquest Miniatures Alice and Cora on loan from Randy)
Now you know their mission. Names withheld, if you please.
Bastille (Suren)

Three townsfolk on the left (Front Rank)
Man in purple. That's you by the way. (Suren)
Soldiers in white (Surens)
Farmer in blue waistcoat. (RSM from Hap J.)
Farmer on horseback (Hinchliffe)
Lady with musket. (RSM) Is she another Gallian agent? I'm not talk'n.
That Old Woman (Front Rank) Don't take your eyes off of her!

Weapons rules came straight out of Batailles de l'Ancien Regime 1740-1763. Yes it is possible to use this system for easy-going and fast skirmish games. See link to Old Regime Rules.
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  1. Superb stuff ! Looking forward to more installments

    -- Allan

  2. Nice to describe where the figures come from. Now just need to add availability (are they still sold) and whether painted by owner or professionally.

    Rich Black

  3. Gentlemen,

    A very good show! I enjoy and look forward to your posts and, though I have not previously posted a comment, I am always an interested and entertained reader.


  4. Bill,

    Excellent story line and photographs. Thanks for the entertainment.


  5. Excellent! Alls's well that ends well. (Unless of course one was rooting for the bad guys!)

  6. Bah! The villains were foiled again. An enjoyable story, nonetheless.

  7. Brilliant! I really enjoyed all of it, the story, the figures and the effort you put in to it all. Nice to know what they are too. I especially liked the Chasseurs; gave me some ideas for the future.

  8. Fun story and pics! I love all the scenery and the picture "cast". :-D

  9. Enjoyed the fun and indeed the whole site.Look forward to Act2 Scene3. Keep up the very good work.
    Paul . (England)

  10. I wonder what is still in store for our dear lady. How can a disappearing woman be wrong?

    Author, author!

  11. Gentlemen,
    You offer me the prodigious honour to sincerely thank you for your greatly appreciated interest, kind remarks and generous encouragement.You have also enlivened the cast and crew.
    There will be more. Meanwhile....
    The production company has shifted emphasis to resumption of affairs near Fort Grant below the mysterious country of Surajistan and The Khyber Pass. The set is under construction, last costumes are being painted, extras are being hired and the writer is heavily engaged in contemplations. If you go to links here you will find our blog entitled The Campaigns of General Pettygree. Several teasers (Chapters actually as in a novel) have been posted there since the new year which might interest you. The campaign season is about to resume.
    On 1 August the plan is to present the singular story of a tabletop commemoration of the 250th anniversary of The Battle of Minden. The venue will be on this blog.
    Votre serviteur et ami,

  12. Hmmnn, a black coach, eh?
    Wonder if there's any connection with the smuggled explosives in Frankfurter ...

  13. Vhat explohzives?
    Ein fruend,

  14. Well done Sir! Excellent and inspirational!

  15. Hope the Grand Tour episode didn't disrupt things too much ... perhaps the slain captives can be throw away bodies to conceal the escape of your agents?


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