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Rendezvous {Act 2} is the second in a series of background stories. Act 2 will be followed on a future occasion by Acts 3, 4 and so forth. In between, other stories will interrupt the sequence. Act {1} appeared 22 February 2009 here. Meanwhile, let us recommence with Act 2 of Rendezvous. Thank you. Click on photographs to enlarge them.

A black coach on the road to Petraville earlier today.

And now: Act 2: Scene 1

Idyllic Petraville, outside Frankfurt Am Main.

It's evening. Local townspeople are out and about. Like so many Germanian villages, homes and businesses line main roads. Petraville's cobblestone street reveals prosperity. The Gallian Army magazine at Frankfurt Am Main has been good for business.

Townsmen gather at a small inn. They are sure to discuss arrival of Tradgardland's Prinzessin Alisona. She resides at Capitaine Malecki's timber and plaster temporary summer residence next door. She awaits friends there for an entertainment.

At the other end of town Gallian Intendant l'Comte de Bastille greets two ladies we know so well; Lady Diana Pettygree (blue) and her particular friend, Lady Cherish Masquerade (pink).

Pettygree: "Bonsoir Monsieur l'Intendant."
Bastille: "Bonsoir Mademoiselles. Comment allez-vous?"
Masquerade: "Very well Sir."
Bastille: "And tonight?"
Pettygree: "We dine with Prinzessin Alisona at Capitaine Malecki's - afterwards cards, whist, I should think."
Bastille: "Then I won't hold you for a glass of Chevert here. The Capitaine's summer residence is just there - down the main street - the timber and plaster house second on the right. Welcome to Petraville. Good fortune to you."
Masquerade: "Oui Monsieur. Good fortune to us all -- and soon -- we hope!
Bastille: "Bonsoir."

The party turns up the street. At the first residence on the right an elderly woman instantly appears.
Masquerade: "Diana! I can't believe .... Look!"
Pettygree: "Oui, our mysterious benefactor, That Old Woman."

That Old Woman: "Beware Mademoiselles. Turn about lest the inscrutable black fate overtake you both and your maid Catherine too."

Catherine: "Oh my ladies. Remember to turn not nor blink. Keep your eyes upon her so she cannot vanish into thin air - again."
Pettygree: "Oui. My dear ancient benefactor. This is a safe area. The Army magazine is near as is the Army camp. Tell us exactly what we must fear."
That Old Woman: "Never be unaware. The black fate is near. It has descended."

At that precise moment a pistol fired at the other end of the village. Startled, the ladies momentarily look away when their horses shifted.

And true to form, the old woman vanished in the blink of an eye.

Catherine: "She is GONE my ladies. I fear for our safety!
Let us remove ourselves."
Pettygree: "NO! We have duties here. Honour demands we stay."
Masquerade: "Oui. Make haste then - for Capitaine Malecki's residence!"

At Capitaine Malecki's, everyone has exited the house to discover the reason for the pistol shot. The Capitaine points down the street as our ladies ride up.
Malecki: "Look ... the crossroad. Three..."
More shots are fired!

Three masked riders are turning up the street straight for the ladies. A wounded townsman has fallen - shot - outside the inn. Catherine has turned her horse about to get away. Who are these rogues? What do these villains want? Money? Mayhem? Captives? CAPTIVES! This tumultuous moment IS serious. The ladies must be protected - especially the Prinzessin.

The curtain falls.
Act 2, Scene 2 will tell the rest of the story.


  1. Bill,

    As always a wonderful visual treat . . . and a great excuse to use lots of scenery.

    I particularly liked the thin 'smoke' for the Old Woman's disappearance.

    -- Jeff

  2. Good job Bill, it looks like you had some fun with the photographs.

  3. They seek her here, they seek her there, those Frenchies seek the old woman everywhere...

  4. Might this be connected to the rumors that Frankszonia is investigating that the resistance is smuggling in shipments with the wine rations for the Gallian troops?
    More on this later ...
    and don't forget the mysterious English secret society which is also watching Lady Pedigree (we think).

  5. As always, one of my favourite blogs to visit. The photographs are super, but only such brilliant scenery makes that possible.
    I'm definitely going to add a link to your site on my own blog.

  6. I agree with all of the above! A most excellent illustrated story! Wonderful set up with all of the terrain, backgrounds, minis, atmospheric effects, etc. and a good story to go along with the great pictures. :-D

  7. Bill
    Superb work- keep it up!
    best wishes

  8. Beautiful and mysterious ladies, men with big hair; whats not to like?


  9. Marvelous Stuff!

  10. I would have followed the advice of one who defies natural law!


  11. Hi Bill,

    The pictures really make the story. You are getting very good at this. I'm curious about what will happen next -- I fear the black fate!

  12. Thank you one and all.
    Act 2 Scene 2 is in the camera. Photos in there need processing and captioning. Look for this by the end of the coming weekend, if you please. Afterwards its back to General Pettygree on the blog with his name in the title. See links here for this.
    I appreciate your remarks and compliments very much, Votre Serviteur,


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