Sunday, February 22, 2009


Rendezvous is the first of a series of background stories. Act 1 will be followed on some future occasion by Acts 2, 3 and so on. In between, other stories by us will interrupt the sequence. However, an easy means will be provided to follow the storyline. Some readers of EvE will be familiar with personalities presented in Rendezvous and will I should hope, be glad to finally see them up close. Meanwhile, let us commence with Act 1 of Rendezvous. Thank you.
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January 1759/2009: Gallian Frigate Arethuse {36} departs Tradgardlandstadt, Tradgardland with a "soldier's wind", (wind directly from astern). She is bound for LeHavre, Gallia.


The harbor fort fires a salute for the ship but moreover for its young and beautiful passenger, HRH Alisona of Tradgardland.


Arethuse comes into view off LeHavre.

She enters the roadstead.


Meanwhile the de Saxe Lanciers also arrive at LeHavre. They escort dignitaries from the court to meet and bring HRH Alsona to Versailles.


They enter the small estate of Chevalier Robillard to take up temporary residence and await the arrival of Alisona.


Dignitaries include Lady Diana Pettygree in an ensemble of blue accompanied by her particular friend, Lady Cherish Masquerade in pink. Their assistant Catherine looks as if she is about to lose her tricornered hat. Chevalier Robillard is in white accompanied by an Aide de Camp. If you look quickly you may also see a man we believe to be Lt. Colonel Enigma. That might be his head in the foreground.


A close-up of the two ladies. Diana is a 30mm Edward Suren whilst Cherish is a one of a kind artfully created by the celebrated John Ray for yours truly.
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  1. A marvelous first chapter of a (hopefully long lived) photo romance!

  2. Fantastic Bill - more than I could have ever asked for...

  3. Super start. Looking forward to the follow ups.
    I especially like the water in your photos. How did you get it so realistic? The low angle really gives you a feeling of "being there".

    More please.


    PS Just added your blog to my links list.

  4. Another good start . . . looking forward to more.

    -- Jeff

  5. Wonderful job with the photos. Just a delight to go through the sequence. I really liked the use of focus on the ships arrival shots.

    I too want to know more about the water.

  6. Cher Jean-Louis, Alan, Steve, Jeff and Brent,
    Thank you for your comments. These are always appreciated.
    Visit Scenic Express at:

    Find product NH60851, Big Lake Water Film, 14"x24" at $18.98 for one and I think $17.00 each if you buy two or more. The product is stiff plastic, rippeled in manufacturer and painted blue. The paint does not totally cover the plastic sheet. This is not a problem.

    If I could get this in a larger size, I would. Smaller versions are fussier to work with.

    Bon chance,

  7. Fabuloso, looking forward to act 2

    -- Allan


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