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Bill's Annual Birthday Game Day of 2015

Bill's Annual Birthday Game Day: Saturday May 2, 2015
Speaking of late! If this report was any more late, my name would be Methuselah.

Games: Wild West and French and Indian War (Kind of thematic)
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Greetings Everyone!
My name is Rocket. I'm a three year old Dalmatian. There's not a black spot, dot, freckle or patch on me anyplace. Just dark chocolate brown ones. Pretty good, eh! My dad, Bill P., asked me to narrate this blog entry for you. So here we go.

For more years than I've been taking care of dad, he's hosted a prodigious game day closest to his May 1st birthday. About a dozen friends typically play in two or three games. Seated from left to right are: Brent O., John B. John M., Jim H. and Keith L. Standing left to right are: Jim P. (Der Alte Fritz), Kurt D., Earl K., Chuck L., Michael M. and dad, Bill P. Not pictured: Lew S. You will see him later.

One game always played is dad's absolute favorite, the Seven Years' War. He's been gaming that era forever; since 1965. This year everyone repaired to North America for the SYW there known as The French and Indian War. I know you know that! The photo above shows the end of that game. Additionally, Chuck L. hosted a mighty fine 1890s Western gunfight game.

Here's dad's birthday cake singularly made by a store with a curious name, Piggly Wiggly. Dad and I go there from time to time. Well....

It's time to shed light on the games. So let's go West pardner and play!

See'n as how we didn't have a name for the settlement, I'll call it Cow Town cuz that's the name on the hotel. Con sarn it, nobody is out. A great fear had gripped the citizens an' they was expect'n trouble.

Well these men are out; Keith who's look'n at yah. What's he say'n? Chuck is stand'n up all peaceable like meybe while Earl is contemplat'n 'is next move. A storm is com'n --- in more ways than you ken shake a stick at.

There's Lew closest to you. John B. is throwing dice for the rules Fistful of Lead. FOL seems to be the favorite in these parts. Still cain't see nobody though. Hid'n.

By the way, there were two men in the hotel kitchen. Both claimed to be cowboys. Only one was an actual cowboy though. How can you identify the real one? I'll tell you later.

Well now here's two fellers. Sorry we don't have more people to show you but the seven professional gunfighters who came to protect the town from numerous banditos are being careful to not leave cover. The banditos were clever too. Hid'n. Dodg'n. All that sort of thing. The game lasted about two and a half hours and was huge fun. Dad even played the gunfight scene from The Magnificent Seven in the background. Plus, Chuck had about four music CDs from Western motion pictures and television shows going back fifty years.

Some of the buildings are from ERTL. The ranch house in the last photo is from Miniature Building Authority. Some structures are from Old Glory. Most constructions came from the collections of Chuck L. and John B. Thanks pards!

Did you figure out which of the two men in the hotel kitchen was the real cowboy? Answer: The one on the range.
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That was fun. Everyone next put toys away, reset the table some, had lunch and then started the What If French Raid On Albany. Dad says in 1758 the Chevalier de Lévis was ordered to take Canadian milice, Woodland Indian Allies and a body of French converged grenadiers to raid Albany. While underway, they were recalled to Fort Carillon (Ticonderoga) because it had just been learned British General Abercromby was en-route up Lake George to attack the French fort. They only arrived the day before the great battle there on July 8, 1758. Anyhow....

Somehow militia and soldiers in and near Albany were alerted to the pending raid.

Great numbers of Woodland Indians shockingly advanced in numerous places.

Roger's Rangers soon began to oppose them.

The conflict became more and more belligerent....

As British reserves began to arrive. (Stadden 30mms)

Elsewhere the defenses were stiffened by a battalion of Royal Americans (28mm Front Rank) and by the Prussian von Bungle Musketeers pretending to be the New Jersey Blues.

More reserves march forward for King George II, the 42nd Highlanders.

A settler's cabin goes up in flames! Where are the French?!

En avant mes amis! Royal Rousillon foreground and Berry grenadiers advance. Both are Suren 30mms. Dad wants me to mention we played this game at 1:1. Each miniature was one historical soldier. The rules were Batailles de l'Ancien Régime 1740-1763 (BAR).

La Sarre 30mm Surens left and Languedoc 28mm Front Rank to the right.

Redoubt Miniatures 28mm La Reine.

As dad thinks he recalls, the French extreme left flank at the top of the image held while the British were in a bad way. Elsewhere the French were pushing back the British. When 4:30pm came, terms were offered to the British to withdraw. They accepted.

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That's my report and it's time to go. Before I do however, let me say....

1) Chuck, Michael and Brent were very kind to bring miniatures from their collections for the Albany game. Chuck and John B. provided a lot of terrain for the Western game.

2) Dad is very grateful for the friends who attended the day. Some came a long way especially Brent from Minnesota. Other players came from Illinois: Jim P., Jim H., Earl K., John M. and Keith L. Midwesterners don't mind driving long distances to be with companionable friends.

3) Michael M. has a lot more photos which tell the story of the Albany raid much better. Please go to his blog Campaigns In Miniature and find:  

4) What's next? Dad is starting a report about our July 18, 2015 first ever Seven Years' War game in India. Here's a photo from The Battle of Basmatipur! Shabash S'hab!

5) Thank you for looking in. Remarks are welcome below at Comments just below here.
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