Thursday, February 13, 2014

Orientation for 2/15/14 SYW Game

Purpose: Pre-Game Terrain Photos For Participant Orientation
Location: Saxony east of the entrenched camp at Pirna.
Date: October 15, 1756 (February 15, 2014)

Rules: Batailles de l'Ancien Régime 1740-1763 {BAR}
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Ratio: 1:20 (One miniature equals 20 real men - Usually we do 1:10)

Arrival: 9:30 am but players bringing units should arrive earlier  (9ish) to unload
Turn 1: 10:00 am
Lunch: Noonish
Finish: Turn In Progress at 4:00 pm

Situation: Austrian Relief Column attempts to assist the Saxons breakout of the Prussian encirclement. Historically the Saxons failed to bridge and cross the Elbe River to join the Austrians. This time some succeeded.

Note: Areas designated below as "Extreme Flank Zones" will have few, if any, miniatures on Turn 1. This will allow officers a lot more room to maneuver and might entice light troop operation on "Extreme Flanks" where they most often belong in the SYW.

Click on photos to enlarge them

Austrian Extreme Right Flank ----------Prussian Extreme Left Flank
Elbe River may be seen on the Back Table upper right corner of image

6' Wide Austrian Extreme Right Flank (Foreground)
Prussians will be opposite them
Ignore blue building, harbor, etc. on the Back Table. 

Austrian Right Flank (Foreground)
Prussians will be opposite them.
Note location of ruins.

Center of Battlefield. 
Note ruins are shifted right.
Austrians have the foreground. 
Prussians will be opposite them. 

 Austrian Extreme Left Flank ----------------- Austrian Left Flank
Prussians will be opposite them

4' Wide Austrian Extreme Left Flank................................
Prussians will be opposite them
----- Das Ende -----