Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2013 PLANS

1) Finish Cycle #1 of the SYW.
2) Commence Cycle #2 of the SYW. We start over.
1) Saxon Prinz Xavier Bn. (60) Lovely Eureka 28mms.
2) Saxon 6 Pdr. artillery sections.
3) Saxon von Schill Hussars (12)
4) Saxon command officers.
5) Add third Saxon Leibkürassier Squadron (12).
6) Add to Lady Diana Pettygree's Hussars. (Hinterland Miniatures)
7) The Eureka music ensemble.
8) Finish Bercheney Hussars dismounted sections, combatants and horse holders.
1) Goal = TEN.
2) New blog stories/personalities.
CONTEMPLATIONS (Perhaps - Perhaps Not)
1) Trial balloon to stockpile combatants for India.
2) 2013 SYW Assn weekend in South Bend?
a) Naval descent on an island.
b) Finish Cycle #1
A fine thing on paper, eh? Your remarks are welcome below.

Thursday, November 1, 2012



Change of pace, time-out, hiatus, reset, resting or pause?
Yes all that.
What's Next Then?
We are finishing seven years in real time doing Seven Years' War-games so we can start another seven year span of games.

Specifically we are finishing Cycle I with 4-5 last games. One was fought in East Prussia on 21 July, 2012. See: http://campaignsingermania.blogspot.com/2012/07/battle-in-1762-east-prussia.html

A second occurs in Silesia on 1 December 2012. The next three games will occur through the Spring of 2013 in Central Germany near Bohemia, then Westphalia and last possibly in Canada. Afterwards we'll decide who won the SYW, allowing one point for each win. Something like that. So far it's 1 point for Russia/Austria/France and 0 for Prussia and Great Britain. Should we have a party?

Cycle II will restart the SYW possibly using Murat Campaign System Maps, carrying casualties forward with reinforcements and so forth. It will be a super easy system.

In 2012 we played many different kinds of games. Most are listed off to the left of this screen. Scroll down a bit.

In my case I also completed the amazing Colonial Adventure Photo Story, Expedition To Alexandrapour on the General Pettygree blog. See the last chapter, Buried Alive, here: http://generalpettygree.blogspot.com/2012/10/chapter-xxii-buried-alive.html

Plus I have a new six month old grandson and puppy. Here is the Rocket's October photo at five months old.

In the immediate future we are preparing for a Napoleonic game in Iberia on 10 November. Jim and I are painting new British for it. Our Napoleonic blog is here: http://barnapoleon.blogspot.com/   Take a look.

After the November game I will be painting SYW Saxon cavalry for the 1 December game.

Randy has been painting and raising Colonials for our Mafrican Continent and doing amazingly well. Jim is painting feverishly and keeping his exquisite Fife and Drum Miniatures Company progressing prodigiously. See: http://fifedrumminis.blogspot.com/


1. Look for new stories, vignettes, personalities and intersting images in the coming year. See you again sometime in December, if not sooner.

2. Just thought some of you might like to know what's going on.

3. Thank you very much for looking in. We sincerely appreciate your interest. Your remarks as always are welcome below.