Saturday, April 21, 2012

Costa Blanca, Iberia

Date: 21 April 1809/2012
Location: Costa Blanca, Iberia
Situation: Crawford and Devereaux Arrive
Future: Preparations for a 12 May, 2012 Napoleonic game.
Rules: BAR Napoleonics (experimental)
Black Bob Crawford's Narrative

"My rifles were ordered to the seaside village of Costa Blanca to scout and clear the town. The port was deemed essential for us. There was urgency in my orders because our commanding general believed French forces were upon their march here. Near noon the village came into view. We entered on the right and left."

12:15 p.m. 21 April 1809, Costa Blanca, Iberia

Robert Crawford's Riflemen enter Costa Blanca.

Black Bob observes his men advancing through the village holding back a reserve in case of trouble.

Whilst another green jacket section cautiously advanced on the left side of the village.

The advance cleared the village for the 9th Foot's arrival later in the day.

3:00 p.m. 21 April 1809, Costa Blanca, Iberia

The British flag was hoisted over the local government house. Lieutenant Colonel Devereaux is seen reviewing the regiment deployed in a half-battalion line. Major Hicks follows.

Both officers pass along the line scrutinizing the men. It's a new regiment with fresh uniforms still at full strength. There are ten companies of one-hundred men each plus additional officers eager for service and advancement in Iberia.

Devereaux and Hicks ride around to inspect the second line.

They like what they see but how well will the men fight? The Army of the French is upon it's march toward them. For the moment only Paget's Light Cavalry Brigade stands in their way gathering information about their whereabouts, numbers and intentions.

Closing Remarks 
1) Black Bob Crawford's green jackets are Elite Miniatures artfully painted by John Preece.

2) The 9th are Elite Miniatures excepting most of the company officers who are Front Rank or Dixon. The reason is so there is a variety of poses. In the case of the Dixons, extra height was glued below their bases to make them a little taller. The officer in the front rank of the last image is Elite; a wonderful pose but I did not want ten of them. Yours truly painted the 9th from the end of December 2011 through the 15th of April. Regimental flags are from GMB Designs whilst the one flying over the town is from Flag Dude.

3) Several red-roofed buildings are graciously on loan from the collection of Der Alte Fritz. Others are from Miniature Building Authority.

4) Paget's Light cavalry Brigade has appeared here previously. See:

5) Der Alte Fritz's (Jim P.) Britannic forces are also upon their march to Costa Blanca as well as his French forces with mine and Curt B's.

6) Return again in mid-May for our AAR. There will be two games. The morning session will be a 1:1 scouting and screening operation. Intelligence gathered will affect deployment and plans for the afternoon game. The latter will be a much larger affair at 1:10 fielding all forces we have.

6) We would be obliged to see you return in a few weeks and for your comments below, if you please.



  1. It all looks splendid and I'm very much looking forward to seeing pictures of the do in May.

  2. Keep it up! Vive l'Empereur!

  3. What is the date fro your game, I will try to send the portuguese this coming monday. April 30, 2012.


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