Sunday, November 6, 2011

Painting Challenge Ends


The sixty day self-imposed painting challenge ended at midnight on 5 November 2011. The first two images show what was planned and completed for the challenge by me. Two hours before the deadline....

Major General William Justinian Pettygree (center) conducts an inspection near Corunna, Iberia {Spain}. Leftmost is Chief of Staff Colonel Hyde, the courier is ADC Captain Siggins whilst the hussar officer is Major General Lord Henry Paget. Paget commands the Light Cavalry Brigade.

Miniatures on the left are Elite Miniatures. Front Rank castings are on the right.

The new unit is the 15th Hussars of two squadrons; 25 Elite Miniatures.

The 15th Hussars appear at the lower right of the image. The 16th Light Dragoons are assembled at the top center. The latter are Elite Miniatures too. A shore party of Foundry Royal Marines are on parade at a hacienda owned by Der Alte Fritz. Major General Pettygree and staff observe all from a rise of ground on the left.

Closing Remarks:
Have you ever experienced a so-called "painting funk?" It is the inability to start and/or complete a painting project. Is a unit needed for a game? Has a particular something languished for years? Is the paint brush hiding?
Our rules were:

1. Sixty days to finish....

2. Whatever one wanted to complete by type and number and....

3. Changes in Rule #2 were okay at any time during the sixty days.

It worked for several challengers in Australia, Canada, the UK and USA.

What reward? A completed unit and personal satisfaction.

The above units will be in their first game at Der Alte Fritz's hacienda on 19 November. Perhaps I will be able to add one troop of 7th Hussars as Paget's personal guard and brigade reserve. Time will tell.


  1. Yep! It really helped rekindle the paiting fire here at Stollen Central. Let's do it again sometime. Your own hussars and staff look mighty good. And the combined brigade of light dragoons and hussars is magnificent. Eager to see them in action before long.

    Best Regards,


  2. If Pettygree is commanding more than a brigade on a somewhat permanent basis, shouldn't he be a Lieutenant General? Also, I don't think the British had Chiefs of Staff yet - that was a French concept. Wouldn't he more accurately be termed the Military Secretary?

    Nitpicking aside, the cavalry look splendid!

    I've also been in somewhat of a painting rut, though the lack of desire to paint comes and goes.

  3. Nice brigade of cavalry. Hussar look real good

    -- Allan


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