Sunday, August 29, 2010

Two Topics


One of the interesting features of 1762 was the change in alliance by Russia. After Czarina Elizabeth's death, Czar Peter III cancelled the alliance with Austria and joined Prussia. Interesting. The BAR game on the 28th was our first experiment with this.

I took no photos.

This game was a departure from our usual scenario design. Prussians holding rising ground on the Main Table were attacked by superior numbers. They did well holding off the French and Austrians until the Russian Corps arrived on Turn 4 to stabilize the situation. Some said the French and Austrian attackers had the edge at the game end for victory assessment. I'm not so sure.

Russian Michael M. threw two 1D6s before the game. One throw determined the turn of arrival. The second placed the Russians either on the right of left on the Back Table. They arrived on the Prussian left. A little "fog of War" there!

Points were calculated for all soldier types to be in the game. The Prussians and Russians with more than 1,300 pts. had 4.1 pts. less than their foes with a one pound advantage in artillery.


Photos enlarge when clicked upon.

Photos below show a small selection of Garrison 25mm Seven Years' War miniatures. Units are from my 1:20 collection. They may be re-based and expanded for BAR; extra miniatures ordered to do this two years ago.

Hessian Battalion Isenburg. Garrison's Prussians make nice Hessians.

Close-up of Isenburg.

The Hessian Guard Battalion.
The officer in the center I think is a Hinchliffe - not Garrison.
The officer in the front rank (upper left) is a Mini Fig.

Hanoverian Battalion von Hardenburg arrives to support the Hessians.

Close-up of von Hardenburg.