Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gendarme Brigade Finished

Eureka designed a range of attractive War of Austrian Succession Dutch cavalry two years ago. Mine though have been uniformed as Seven Years' War French Gendarmes. Click images to fill your screens with....

Left: Gendarmes Anglais; Miniature Figurines recovered and increased from an older disused collection.
Center: Eureka Gendarmes de la Reine.   Right: Eureka Gendarmes Dauphin.

Foreground: Gendarmes Dauphin. Miniatures are individually based and magnetized to underlying trays. No casualty records are kept this way. Remove and set aside.

Monsieur l'Brigadier, Prussian cavalry appears in the distance. There Monsieur!

Bring the brigade into line then, en muiralle, if you please, mon ami.
Closing Remarks:
1. The Eurekas are elegant, anatomically correct and -- take a look at the lovely horses.
2. Three squadrons of fifteen each plus three more to command the brigade. Total: 48.
3. Mini Figs were placed on thicker stands to bring their smaller size closer to the larger Eurekas.
4. The two large standards are from GMB.
5. Comments welcome -- below.