Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chapter 1 of 3: Gallia Assists Frankzonia

Date: 09 June 1760 (2010)
Location: Outskirts Of Frankfurt Am Main
Situation: Hurtshog Of Frankzonia Takes Command In The Field
Mission: Stop An Emboldened  Seditious Frankzonian  Rebel Force
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Der Hurtshog Artur von Frankzonia ist zu pferde. He precedes his guard battalion outside Frankfurt Am Main. Other units follow.

 Artur, centered, is handsomely attired in a Marshall's uniform; a gift from Gallian l'Comte de Bastille l'Intendant de Frankfurt Am Main.

The Guard climbs the hill.

Two more battalions and two squadrons come into view. These are Gallian allies: Grenadiers de France and the Royal Cavalry Regiment. There appear to be three small cannon as well.

The Royal's second squadron on the left.

The Royal's first squadron observed by the regimental commander, l'Comte André Lichey on the far right. More clearly seen now are two battalions of Grenadiers de France and the Hurtshog's Guard.

Behind the scenes a Gallian officer watches the departure of the brigade. Who is he?

l'Comte de Bastille

A few hours later the Brigade marches within a forest south of Frankfurt Am Main.

The drapeau of 2/Grenadiers de France of Gallia.

Der Hurtshog Artur von Frankzonia on the white horse confers with a Gallian Lt. General.

Closing Remarks
1. Arthur asked for volunteers to do three "proxy" battles for him.
2. The force you've seen is upon its march for one of these to put down Frankzonian seditious elements believed to be en-route through passes and defiles to the south.
3. Return for more as time goes by for this brigade action.
4. Manufacturers: Stadden Prussian Guard, Foundry French Hurtshog and Officer on horse near him, Garrison Grenadiers de France On Guard, Front Rank Grenadiers de France marching and David Wilson's "Willie" French Horse. The Inn is from Miniature Building Authority. (Out of production)
5. BAR rules will be used; Batailles de l'Ancien Régime 1740-1763.   See:
6. The game will be undertaken in a couple of short sessions on weeknights after work.


  1. Exciting stuff - I look forward to seeing how things proceed...
    best wishes

  2. Delightful setup, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the action develops. I wonder what is the provenance of the handsome model farm.

  3. Looks like the campaign season is upon us. Looking forward to future installations.


  4. Steve,
    The farm (an Inn actually) is an out of production product of Miniature Building Authority snapped up last year when the company found a couple thought to be extinct in storage. Every roof comes off and each room on both floors is modelled. It also came with furniture and several waitresses and a bar tender.
    Thank you Gentlemen for your remarks,

  5. Bill excellent stuff indeed - more please..

    PS. Why is the l'Comte de Bastille holding hands with that man??? :o)))

  6. Love it!
    We're hoping to have things more organized here at the end of the month, and maybe I can get my figures out of the pyramid of tubs and boxes!
    Wonder what the Gallian marching song is?
    Tromp de 'oils?


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