Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Brittlestadt Light Troop BAR Game Preparation

Photos are for players in the above game to help them plan and for those few other vicariously interested viewers. A number of terrain items are absent because some participants are bringing unique pieces to this game. Game participants, find your names. All these photos will be removed after 5 December. No attempt was made to make them aesthetic. These will hopefully appear later. Clicked photos will fill your screens.

The table arrangement was an around the walls model R/R layout years ago.


Western Zone: Beyond the parallel forested and steep hills. French (Randy/Don) on the right. Prussians (Jim/Keith) on the left. Each force will have a back table off this main table.

Western Zone: Protzen Heights (a former model R/R scenic divider) from the French side. Ugly road will be replaced with the real deal.

Western Zone: Still viewing from the French side. The plain below the heights. The ugly road leads to Brittlestadt; the blue card on the distant back table. Several proper buildings will be positioned there. There will be a small farm and enclosure along the road in the Prussian area.

Western Zone: Viewed from the French left flank. Brittlestadt is on the distant Prussian back table.

Western Zone: The Protzen from the Prussian perspective. This is the Prussian left flank.

Western Zone: The plain below the heights from the Prussian perspective.

Western Zone: The Prussian right flank. It is possible to pass through the defile on the right into the Central Zone and vice verse.

Western Zone: Overall photo again.


Central Zone: The open area beyond the ridge in the middle of the photo. Undulations on the right. Hilly on the left. The Russians (Michael and John) are posted on the right while George the Prussian is on the left. Each side has a back table not shown. Russian Mike T. off screen to the right at Thornrumple's Inn and Rich the Prussian off screen to the left at Brittlestadt. Other photos did not add much. Note the distant defile available to all forces if they desire it.


Eastern Zone: The unfordable Brittlebach from the French side.

Eastern Zone: Bill and Tyler will advance French forces from the foreground versus Earl's Prussians somewhere out yonder. The Brittlebach tributary is fordable.

Eastern Zone: Side area from the French perspective. What about those woods far away?

Eastern Zone: These woods?

Eastern Zone: Yes. Earl has Prussians behind it and elsewhere too.

Eastern Zone: Such as near the Brittlebach Bridge.

Eastern Zone: Side tables from the Prussian perspective.

Eastern Zone: Prussians will be in the foreground and the French will be in the background.
Players! Commence your plans, if you please.

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  1. I think that it is particularly appropriate that certain terrain features are NOT represented . . . the cursed maps are always incomplete, aren't they?

    Have a fun battle, gentlemen. I wish that I could be there instead of a couple of thousand miles away.

    -- Jeff


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