Friday, February 27, 2009

Stille Nacht

Die Stunden vorher die Schlacht bei Leuthen.

Ein Hussar und die stille nacht. Er hat das Heer von Friedrich II gefunden. Der Grosse König werden hier im morgen kommen.
Silent night.
The hours before the battle of Leuthen.
One hussar and the silent night. He found the Army of Frederick II. The great king will be here in the morning.

Morgen. (Morning)


  1. Bill
    your skill with the camera matches your eye for figure painting and rule writing too! I love the windmill photo especially -can you talk us thru how it was accomplished?

  2. Recently I've been thinking about a photo in the moonlight. These are my first experiments.

    Photo taken at night. No light was available from windows. One old fashioned light bulb on from the upper left. Woodland Scenics snow covering over the hussar's base and scattered across a white felt cloth. The snow filling the air behind the horse is fiber stuff from inside a pillow. From Der Alte's collection.



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